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Boxed Phalanx is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII. It always travels with a group of Hoplites.

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Boxed Phalanx is flanked by Hoplites and it is able to call more Hoplites with Deployment and command them to enhance themselves with Issue Orders.

Strategy Edit

Boxed Phalanx should be the party's main target. If the party is having trouble with it, they should start out with Bully (COM/SAB/SYN) or Evened Odds (MED/SAB/SYN). The party should buff up with Haste, Bravery, or Faith and Enthunder or Enwater, then switch to Relentless Assault (COM/RAV/RAV) and attack. One may also want to use a Ravager that knows Thundaga to keep the Hoplites at bay.

Etymology Edit

Phalanx is an ancient Greek expression to signify an organized, dense line of battle. The Phalanx was a battle formation used by Ancient Greek hoplites.

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