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Yet, if we but summon the Maker, we will be granted the chance to begin again. All our sins, absolved, and the world—born anew!

"Born Anew" (降誕, Kōtan?, lit. Regal Birth) is the first part of the final boss theme in Final Fantasy XIII. It was composed by Masashi Hamauzu and arranged and orchestrated by Yoshihisa Hirano. The lyrics were written by Motomu Toriyama and translated into Latin by Taro Yamashita and Dr. Volker Ahlemeyer. It was conducted by Wojciech Rodek and performed by the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra and the Warsaw Philharmonic Choir.

It plays as Orphan rises from its slumber, assimilated with Barthandelus to form a sword-like fal'Cie. It is a remix of Galenth Dysley's theme.

The most important part of the song is the tenor solo part at the end. I forget what kind of inspiration helped me to make this music, but I remember making this part and thinking, 'I haven't heard anything similar!'


The official lyrics were released on Final Fantasy XIII: Original Soundtrack.

Mihi nomen Orphanus.
Vigilans aeternum exitum cupio;
diem gemitus, lacrimamque divae matris,
quae spes mihi sunt.
L'Cie, pande foris promissi,
plenas lucis perpetuae
Unofficial English translation
My name is Orphan.
Forever watchful, I yearn for destruction;
the day of suffering and the mother goddess's tears,
are what my hope is.
L'Cie, you promised to open the gate,
full of eternal light