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Borgin is the last temporary party member to join Arthur in Final Fantasy Legend III, although he actually stays in the player's party throughout till the end of the game. An influential leader in the future, Borgin masterminds the plan to combat Pureland Masters by sending Arthur and the youths back in time, to the present.


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Borgin brings Arthur, Curtis, and Gloria to the Elder of Dharm in the Present World before the start of the game. He also tells him of the coming dangers. When Arthur arrives in the Future World, he learns that a band of rebels which composes of Borgin, Jupiah, and Dr. Quacer have already left for Pureland in the Talon2.

Dr. Quacer and Borgin lives in Talonsburg, but leaves for the Goht region before Arthur arrives at Talonsburg. Arthur finally meets Borgin within the Eastern Ruins, and tells them to destroy the Barrier Machine while he goes off to investigate Mt. Goht. He returns to find the Barrier Machine has been destroyed along with Dion, he tells Arthur that Dion saved their lives and they must not let his sacrifice be in vain. They have to defeat Xagor at Mt. Goht, and then go through the hole in the Talon2 before joining the party.

After witnessing Talon2 flying by itself at Mt. Goht, he tells Arthur that his father's brain made it possible. After Xagor's defeat, and returning to the Future World. He tells Arthur that he's proud of what he has become.

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Borgin is a Mutant whose innate element is Fire. He, like all temporary characters, cannot eat meat or install parts nor learn new spells. The equipment that is already equipped on him cannot be removed, but he can equip armor in areas he's missing.

Level HP MP Attack Defense Agility Magic Hit Evade M.Def. M.Evade Equipment Magic
40 990 990 89 86 91 96 99 12 25 27 FFLIII SpearGungnir
FFLIII ArmorWizard
FFLIII Other2Scarf
FFLIII White MagicShell
FFLIII White MagicCure3
FFLIII White MagicHeal
FFLIII White MagicLife
FFLIII White MagicWall
FFLIII White MagicWhite
FFLIII White MagicMagma
FFLIII White MagicFire2
FFLIII Black MagicSleep
FFLIII Black MagicPara
FFLIII Black MagicMute
FFLIII Black MagicFatal
FFLIII Lost MagicFloat
FFLIII Lost MagicPure
FFLIII Lost MagicCureA
FFLIII Lost MagicMorph
FFLIII Lost MagicLit X

Other appearancesEdit

SaGa Compilation Trading Card GameEdit

Borgin makes an appearance as a card in the card game.


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