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Boost Jump is Cid's first level 1 Limit in Final Fantasy VII, and his default Limit. It is a physical attack that deals non-elemental damage to one target equal to 314 times normal damage. Using Boost Jump 7 times will unlock Dynamite.

The ability calls back to the Dragoons' Jump ability from the series; Cid is a Dragoon-like character, though Final Fantasy VII lacks a job system.


Cid has Boost Jump as his Limit skill when he joins the party at the end of Rocket Town events.


Boost Jump is a strong attack against a single opponent. After using it enough times, Cid gains Dynamite, which deals less damage but targets all foes. Boost Jump remains the superior Limit Break to use against single targets, such as bosses. As a Level 1 Limit Break, it also charges fast.