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Raises strength of eidolons.


Boost is a support ability in Final Fantasy IX for summoners that ensures the stronger long summon animation plays every time apart from the eidolon counterattacks during Dagger's Trance. Boost takes 12 Magic Stones to equip.

Boost likely alludes to the boost mechanic of Guardian Forces from Final Fantasy VIII.


Boost is learned from Pumice Piece for 190 AP for Dagger and 150 AP for Eiko. Pumice Piece drops from the boss at the end of Oeilvert as part of the story.


With Boost active, the full eidolon summon animation plays every time apart from the counters during Dagger's Trance. The full summon animation deals more damage than the short animation. Boost can be worth equipping if the player is using eidolons a lot, but the length of animations takes a lot of battle time; the player may have been able to do the same or more damage during the animation using other attacks with shorter animations, considering Final Fantasy IX does not employ multi-hit attacks, and eidolons cannot break the damage limit. The long animation can be a boon too, as Auto-Regen keeps ticking during animations while the rest of the battle is halted. They could thus be used to top the party up without using up a turn during tough battles.

Boost is especially good for summoning Carbuncle to get the Protect effect every time. Boost is less useful on Odin whose specialty is instant death.

The downside is that Boost takes 12 Magic Stones to equip, and the player can get the longer summon animations without it equipped, though randomly.