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The Bonus is a special feature in the PlayStation version of Final Fantasy VI. This is the first game to introduce bonus content, and later games, such as the Origins version of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II, followed suit. Bonus introduces the first in-game bestiary in the series, as well as information on espers, special illustrations, and others. It can be accessed upon starting the game, but additional content is unlocked by beating the game.


The Bonus menu has three section: Studio, Status, and Secret.



The Theater menu has three movies: The Magitek Empire, For the lovers... (unlock), and PILOT (unlock).


The Gallery has five options that contains CG still shots and character designs used in the opening movie for the game. The storyboards for the opening movie. CG still shots from the ending CG movie. The storyboards for the ending movie. CG and hand drawn character art from Final Fantasy V PlayStation port. The last three options must be unlocked.


Game Stats[]

This option provides an in depth breakdown of how close the player got to completing their character's stats, spell list and ability lists of each individual characters. This option is unlocked by beating the game.



The Bestiary contains both Pre-C and Post-C data on all enemies that appear within the game. The data includes the areas they are found along with flavor text on the each individual bestiary entries such has statistics, absorption, weaknesses, Steal, and Drops. Post-C option is unlock when completing the game.


LoreMagic option contains a detailed list of which enemies the player can learn Lore spells from and what spells they possess, they are called Lore users within this area. This option is unlock when completing the game.


The Espers menu provides a detailed breakdown of all the espers that can be found in the game. It contains flavor text, spell learning rate, level up bonus, and attack name. This option is unlock when completing the game.


Contains a complete list of Colosseum items; this list includes what item is bet, which enemy is fought, and the prize won. This option is unlock when completing the game.