Bonecrusher in Final Fantasy XII.

Bonecrusher, also known as (Meatbone Slash, 肉斬骨断?, lit. Nikuzan Kotsudan), is a recurring ability in the Ivalice series of games.


Final Fantasy XII

The Bonecrusher is a Technick in Final Fantasy XII. The Technick costs 30 LP, and can be found in the lower right section of the License Board, along with other Technicks. The Bonecrusher sacrifices the user's HP to kill one targeted foe instantly, however, there are chances of failure and bosses are immune to it. If the Technick misses, the user will die.

The damage sustained by the user is:

Self DMG = 0 ~ (User's Own HP-1)[1]

In the International Zodiac Job System version, Bonecrusher is used by five job classes: the Machinist, Monk, Mononofu, Shikari and Uhlan. However, the Uhlan and Mono must first acquire the License for the Esper Hashmal. The Technick is found in the Henne Mines Phase 1 Dig.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Also known as Meatbone Slash, it is a reaction ability the Samurai class learns for 200 JP. Once the unit is in critical condition, the user will counter any damage, dealt by either direct, ranged or magic attack, with damage equal to the unit's max HP, as long as the user survives after the attack and the opponent is within the user's weapon range.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The Bonecrusher is a reaction ability for the Fighter and Templar job classes. It functions somewhat as a upgraded version of Counter, where the unit retaliates with a counterattack damage of x1.5, but requires that the unit actually take damage from an attack before activating.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

The Bonecrusher is an ability of the gria Ravager job class, the Fighter and Templar job classes can still access it. However, only normal attacks can activate Bonecrusher, no other abilities will work to activate it.

Vagrant Story


Dissidia Final Fantasy

Bonecrusher is an ability available from the Rebellious Soul accessory. It increases Brave by 30% of max HP when Near Death.

Final Fantasy Brigade



The Japanese name derives from the phrase "皮を切らせて肉を切り、肉を切らせて骨を切る" which literally translates "when the skin is cut, retaliate by cutting the flesh; when the flesh is cut, avenge by crushing the bone".


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