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The Bone of Byblos[note 1] is a mace in Final Fantasy XII. It is the new ultimate mace introduced in the Zodiac versions. The Bonebreaker was another mace introduced in the same version although it does not rival its power, and is instead a secret weapon with a different utility. The two added maces were the only of the added weapons with unique models. Its license costs 50 LP and it can be used by the Red Battlemage.

It is a rare steal from Yiazmat, the ultimate mark. It can also be found from the Lhusu Mines or the Cerobi Steppe. To find it in the mines, the player must pick up the key in Phon Coast to proceed deeper (after Antlion hunt). In Site 5 there is a northern dead-end alcove where a treasure has a 25% chance to spawn that yields the Bone of Byblos.

The Bone of Byblos is a reference to Byblos, a recurring enemy in the series originating from Final Fantasy V.



  1. There is an unintended extra space following the name of this weapon, which can be seen whenever a copy of it is looted.