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Bone Dungeon on the world map.

The Bone Dungeon (かせきのめいきゅう, Kaseki no Meikyū?) is a location from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. Located west of the Focus Tower, the Bone Dungeon is the resting place for the Crystal of Earth. Inhabited by many land-dwelling monsters, it is full of skulls and bones that block many passages, requiring the use of explosives to clear the path. It also has many fields of quicksand to impede movement. Despite being in the middle of a desert, parts of the dungeon are flooded with moving sand.

The dungeon is raided by Tristam with the help of Benjamin after the two reach an agreement by which Benjamin will obtain an Elixir for Kaeli. In the deepest portions of the cave, they encounter the Flamerus Rex, and defeat it to restore the Crystal of Earth to normal. Tristam takes the Dragon Claw and gives Benjamin the Elixir he needs.


During the player's journey through the dungeon, Tristam will offer to sell fifty Bombs to Benjamin. Benjamin can haggle the price down when Tristam offers to sell them to him.

Name Cost
Bomb 30 GP or 15 GP