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Bonds Across Time was a Collector's Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Signet Stone Exchange[]

Instead of gil, dungeons and enemy drops in this event awarded the player Signet Stones which could then be traded in at the Signet Stone Exchange for items. Save for the 2,000 gil trade, which could be traded without limit, all items were only available once.

Item Signet Stones
Mythril 500
Mythril 1,000
Mythril 1,500
Mythril 2,000
Mythril 2,500
Soul of a Hero 2,000
Memory Crystal Lode 2,500
Memory Crystal Lode II 5,000
Memory Crystal Lode III 15,000
Morrow Memory Crystal 2,500
Aemo Memory Crystal 2,500
Wrieg Memory Crystal 2,500
Morrow Memory Crystal II 5,000
Aemo Memory Crystal II 5,000
Wrieg Memory Crystal II 5,000
Muscle Belt (Beyond) 8,000
Memory Ring (Beyond) 13,500
Non-Elemental Crystal 10,000
Holy Crystal 10,000
Major Non-Elemental Orb 5,000
Major Fire Orb 5,000
Major Ice Orb 5,000
Major Lightning Orb 5,000
Major Earth Orb 5,000
Major Wind Orb 5,000
Major Holy Orb 5,000
Major Dark Orb 5,000
Greater Non-Elemental Orb 1,000
Greater Fire Orb 1,000
Greater Ice Orb 1,000
Greater Lightning Orb 1,000
Greater Earth Orb 1,000
Greater Wind Orb 1,000
Greater Holy Orb 1,000
Greater Dark Orb 1,000
Non-Elemental Orb x2 250
Fire Orb x2 250
Ice Orb x2 250
Lightning Orb x2 250
Earth Orb x2 250
Wind Orb x2 250
Holy Orb x2 250
Dark Orb x2 250
Lesser Non-Elemental Orb x3 150
Lesser Fire Orb x3 150
Lesser Ice Orb x3 150
Lesser Lightning Orb x3 150
Lesser Earth Orb x3 150
Lesser Wind Orb x3 150
Lesser Holy Orb x3 150
Lesser Dark Orb x3 150
Gil x2,000 500