Bon Appétit is a skillset for the Patissier in Bravely Second: End Layer. It allows the user to inflict a variety of ailments and enfeeblements. Special confectionery ingredients are required in order to use these abilities.

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Ability Requires Description
Poison Pastry Genoise + Chantilly Poison a single target.
Blinding Biscuit Genoise + Streusel Blind a single target.
Silencing Soufflé Genoise + Zeste Silence a single target.
Slumber Slice Genoise + Nappage Put a single target to sleep.
Paralysis Pie Genoise + Vanille Paralyze a single target.
Terror Truffle Genoise + Cannelle Inflict dread on a single target.
Berserker Bundt Genoise + Fraise Make a single target go berserk.
Crazy Cupcake Genoise + Chocolat Confuse a single target.
Charm Cheesecake Genoise + Bombe Charm a single target.
Lethal Layer Cake Genoise + Anglaise Instantly kill a single target.
Ghostly Ganache Genoise + Amande Send a single target into a ghost-like state.
Flaming Fondant Biscuit + Chantilly Make a single target susceptible to fire-based attacks.
Ice Cream Cake Biscuit + Streusel Make a single target susceptible to water-based attacks.
Thunder Tart Biscuit + Nappage Make a single target susceptible to lightning-based attacks.
Gusty Genoise Biscuit + Zeste Make a single target susceptible to wind-based attacks.
Soil Spicecake Biscuit + Vanille Make a single target susceptible to earth-based attacks.
Bright Blondie Biscuit + Cannelle Make a single target susceptible to light-based attacks.
Devil's Food Cake Biscuit + Fraise Make a single target susceptible to dark-based attacks.
Wilting Winecake Feuilletage + Chantilly Lower a single target's P.Atk.
Fool's Fruitcake Feuilletage + Chocolat Lower a single target's M.Atk.
Soft Spongecake Feuilletage + Bombe Lower a single target's P.Def.
Upside-Down Cake Feuilletage + Anglaise Lower a single target's M.Def.
Fat Rascal Feuilletage + Amande Lower a single target's speed.
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