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| Monograph = Arcana (30% - Mage's Monograph)
| Monograph = Arcana (30% - Mage's Monograph)
| Canopic = High Arcana (5%)
| Canopic = High Arcana (5%)
| Immune to = [[Instant Death|Death]], [[Petrify (Status)|Petrify]], [[Stop (Status)|Stop]], [[Doom (Status)|Doom]], [[Confuse (Status)|Confuse]], [[Sleep (Status)|Sleep]], [[Virus (Status)|Disease]], [[Reverse]], [[Disable (Status)|Disable]], [[Immobilize (Status)|Immobilize]], [[Silence (Status)|Silence]], [[Blind (Status)|Blind]], [[Poison (Status)|Poison]], [[Lure (Status)|Lure]], [[Berserk (Status)|Berserk]], [[Warp]], [[Poach]], [[Gravity (Ability)|Fractional Damage]], [[Sight Unseeing]], [[Osmose|Syphon]], [[Numerology]], [[Charm (Status)|Charm]], [[Achilles]], [[Power Break (Ability)|Wither]], [[Addle]]
| Immune to = [[Instant Death|Death]], [[Petrify (Status)|Petrify]], [[Stop (Status)|Stop]], [[Doom (Status)|Doom]], [[Confuse (Status)|Confuse]], [[Sleep (Status)|Sleep]], [[Virus (Status)|Disease]], [[Reverse]], [[Disable (Status)|Disable]], [[Immobilize (Status)|Immobilize]], [[Silence (Status)|Silence]], [[Blind (Status)|Blind]], [[Poison (Status)|Poison]], [[Lure (Status)|Lure]], [[Berserk (Status)|Berserk]], [[Warp]], [[Poach]], [[Gravity (Ability)|Fractional Damage]], [[Sight Unseeing]], [[Osmose (Ability)|Syphon]], [[Numerology]], [[Charm (Status)|Charm]], [[Achilles]], [[Power Break (Ability)|Wither]], [[Addle]]
| Attack(s) = 12-hit max, may inflict Oil; Lunge
| Attack(s) = 12-hit max, may inflict Oil; Lunge
| Abilities = Greater Barrier
| Abilities = Greater Barrier

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FFXII wiki icon Template:FFXII Enemies The Bombshell is a Rare Game enemy in the game Final Fantasy XII found in the Lhusu Mines. It is a stronger version of Grenade.

Bestiary Entry

Derivation: Grenade

Grenade infused with the power of rich magicite. This strain, as yet unrecorded in the Camp annals, is hunted in the Lhusu Mines.



Template:Cropped Image There is a 20% chance that Bombshell will appear in the Lasche Span, so one may hunt the creature by exiting and reentering the area until it spawns.


The Bombshell is the toughest Bomb-type enemy in Final Fantasy XII. Its normal attacks deal heavy damage even if the party's level is slightly higher than the Bombshell's (65+). Equipping the Giant's Helm may help with returning the damage it deals.

One of the items the Bombshell drops is the rare weapon Yagyu Darkblade, the strongest ninja sword in the game, with an attack of 80.



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