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Bolt Armlet in Final Fantasy VII.

Bolt Armlet (天雷の腕輪, Tenrai no Udewa?), also known as Thunderbolt Armlet, is a recurring lightning-elemental accessory and/or armor piece in the series, originally from Final Fantasy VII. As a lightning-elemental piece of equipment, it tends to absorb Lightning damage.


Final Fantasy VII[]

Bolt Armlet is an armor piece which provides Def, 8 Def%, 55 MDef, and 3 MDef%, in addition to providing two sets of joined Materia slots. More notably, the armor allows the user to absorb all incoming Lightning damage. It can be found in Corel Valley Cave, or stolen from the Unknown 3 on the Gelnika.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

Bolt Armlet is an accessory which absorbs lightning damage, in addition to providing Zack with 30% extra MP. Its Fusion effect provides an addition SPR point.

Final Fantasy Type-0[]

Thunderbolt Armlet reduces Lightning damage taken by 30% and provides Shock Ward, which completely prevents Shock. It can be bought from the Armory after completing The Amiter Resistance on Agito difficulty, and won from completing the Task Slayer's Spoils IV and the Special Order in United Front to neutralize communication towers with Datalink.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Bolt Armlet is based on its Final Fantasy VII appearance.

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