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Bluomwyda is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV. She is an adventurer who has joined the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.


Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

When Alianne recruits small army of experienced adventurers to help search for information about the still missing Scions, Bluomwyda is one of the adventurers who answers the calling.[1] She then officially joins the Scions and becomes Aergmhus' companion constantly watches over him with his alcoholism.[2] They are constantly away from the Rising Stones because they are always on missions.[3]

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]

Aergmhus and Bluomwyda returned from their mission in the provinces, where they built up an information network at Riol's behest. Tataru has asked them to take over command of the Rising Stones while she travels to help the Scions in Old Sharlayan.[4]

After the Scions disbanded, Bluomwyda accompanied Aergmhus on his visit to Limsa Lominsa,[5] where she tries to map out a way to reach the Roegadyn ancestral homeland, the isle of Aerslaent in the Northern Empty. But unfortunately, information about the current state of the island has been scarce in recent days.[2]




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