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Blue Magic in Final Fantasy XI is usable by the Blue Mage job class. It is governed by the Blue Magic skill, only available to Blue Mages who have an A+ rating for it.

Blue Mages do not always have access to all of their learned spells at a given time. They only have access to a select few spells at a time. Blue Mages must equip, or "set", their spells to use them. Setting most spells also grants stat bonuses or reductions, and setting certain spells together can grant certain job traits, such as Auto Refresh or Dual Wield.

Blue Magic Points Edit

Each spell has a Blue Magic Point value, and each level has a certain amount of Blue Magic Points. There is also a limit to the number of Blue Magic spells that can be set at any given level. For example, a level 65 Blue Mage can set a maximum of 18 spells whose combined value does not exceed 40 Blue Magic Points.

Because of the high Blue Magic Point cost of most spells, Blue Mages almost never meet the limit on the number of spells that can be set; they almost always reach the maximum Blue Magic Point value first.

Level Blue Magic Points Max Set Spells
1 - 10 10 6
11 - 20 15 8
21 - 30 20 10
31 - 40 25 12
41 - 50 30 14
51 - 60 35 16
61 - 70 40 18
71 - 74 45 20
75 - 80 45~50, depending on Assimilation level 20
81 - 85 50~55, depending on Assimilation level 20

Blue Magic list Edit

The following is a (incomplete) list of Blue Magic available.

Name Level Source Ability Effect Type Equipped Effect
Foot Kick 1 Rabbit Physical Damage P AGI+1
Pollen 1 Bee Self Heal M CHR+1, HP+5
Sandspin 1 Worm Area of Effect Accuracy Down and earth damage M VIT+1
Power Attack 4 Beetle Physical damage P MND+1
Sprout Smack 4 Sapling Slow and physical damage P MND+1
Wild Oats 4 Mandragora Vitality Down and physical damage P CHR+1, HP+10
Cocoon 8 Crawler Defense boost M VIT+3
Metallic Body 8 Crab Stoneskin M
Queasyshroom 8 Funguar Poison and physical damage P HP-5, MP+5
Battle Dance 12 Orc Area of effect Dexterity Down and physical damage P DEX+2
Feather Storm 12 Yagudo Poison and physical damage P CHR+2, HP+5
Head Butt 12 Quadav Stun and physical damage P DEX+2
Healing Breeze 16 Dhalmel Area of Effect Cure M CHR+2, HP+10
Helldive 16 Bird Physical Damage P CHR+1, HP+5
Sheep Song 16 Sheep Area of Effect Sleep M CHR+1, HP+5
Blastbomb 18 Orcish Warmachine Fire damage and Bind M STR+1
Bludgeon 18 Cardian Three Physical attacks P STR+1
Cursed Sphere 18 Fly Area of Effect Water damage M MND+1
Blood Drain 20 Giant Bat HP Drain M HP-5, MP+5
Claw Cyclone 20 Tiger Area of Effect Double Attack P HP+5
Poison Breath 22 Hound Poison and water damage in a cone shape M MND+1
Soporific 24 Flytrap Area of Effect Sleep M HP-5, MP+5
Screwdriver 26 Pugil Critical Physical damage P VIT+1, CHR+1, HP+10
Bomb Toss 28 Goblin Area of Effect Fire damage M STR+2
Wild Carrot 30 Rabbit in Chains of Promathia areas Single target party member Cure M HP+5
Chaotic Eye 32 Coeurl Silence M CHR+2, HP+10
Sound Blast 32 Cockatrice Area of effect INT down M
Death Ray 34 Hecteyes Dark-elemental damage M HP-5, MP+5
Smite of Rage 34 Evil Weapon Physical damage P AGI+3
Digest 36 Slime Single-target HP Drain M HP-5, MP+5
Pinecone Bomb 36 Treant Damage plus Sleep P STR+1
Blank Gaze 38 Opo-opo Gaze-attack dispel M
Jet Stream 38 Bat Trio Threefold Physical attack P DEX+2
Uppercut 38 Goobbue Physical Attack P STR+2, DEX+1
Mysterious Light 40 Magic Pot Area of Effect Wind damage and Weight M AGI+3
Terror Touch 40 Ghost Attack Down and physical damage P HP-5, MP+10
Venom Shell 42 Uragnite Area of effect Poison M MND+2
MP Drainkiss 42 Leech Steals MP M MP+5
Mandibular Bite 44 Antlion Physical damage P INT+1
Blitzstrahl 44 Doll Lightning damage and Stun M DEX+3
Stinking Gas 44 Doomed Area of effect Vitality down M AGI+1
Magnetite Cloud 46 Antica Fan area Earth damage and Weight M VIT+2
Geist Wall 46 Eft Area of Effect Dispel M HP-5, MP+10
Awful Eye 46 Bugard Strength Down in fan area M MND+1
Sickle Slash 48 Spider Critical Hit based on TP P HP-5, MP+15
Blood Saber 48 Skeleton Area of effect HP Drain M HP-5, MP+5
Refueling 48 Cluster Self-target Haste M AGI+2
Jettatura 48 Hippogryph Terror in fan-shape area M MP+15
Self-Destruct 50 Bomb Sacrifice HP as fire damage; caster afflicted by Weakness M STR+2
Frightful Roar 50 Taurus Area of effect Defense Down M AGI+2
Ice Break 50 Golem Ice damage and Bind M INT+1
Cold Wave 52 Snoll Frost effect M INT-1
Filamented Hold 52 Diremite Area Slow M VIT+1
Hecatomb Wave 54 Kindred Area Wind damage and Blind M AGI+1
Radiant Breath 54 Wyvern Fan area Light damage, Slow, Silence M HP+5, CHR+1
Feather Barrier 56 Roc Evasion Up M
Magic Fruit 58 Opo-opo Heals one party member M CHR+1, HP+5
Flying Hip Press 58 Bugbear Wind damage (AOE) M AGI+1
Light of Penance 58 Tonberry Lowers TP, inflicts Blind and Bind M CHR+1, HP+15
Death Scissors 60 Scorpion Physical attack P MND+2, CHR+2, HP+5
Dimensional Death 60 Shadow Physical P DEX+1, CHR+1, HP+5
Spiral Spin 60 Ladybug Physical damage and ACC down P HP+5, STR+1
Maelstrom 61 Sea Monk Area Water damage; lowers Strength M ?
Eyes On Me 61 Ahriman Dark damage M MP+15, HP-5
Bad Breath 61 Morbol Area Earth damage; Status ailments M ?
Seedspray 61 Rafflesia 3 hits; DEF down P VIT+1
Memento Mori 62 Corse Magic Attack Bonus M INT+1
Body Slam 62 Dragon Area physical damage P ?
1000 Needles 62 Sabotender 1000 damage divided between enemies in area of effect M ?
Spinal Cleave 63 Qutrub Physical damage; accuracy varies with TP P VIT+2, INT+1, MND+1
Frenetic Rip 63 Imp 3 hits; damage varies with TP P ?
Frypan 63 Moblin Area attack and Stun P ?
Hydro Shot 63 Sahagin Enmity down and physical damage P MND+2
Feather Tickle 64 Colibri Enemy TP down M AGI+1
Yawn 64 Apkallu Area Sleep M ?
Voracious Trunk 64 Marid Steals positive status M ?
Infrasonics 65 Lizard Area Evasion down M ?
Zephyr Mantle 65 Puk Blink M AGI+2
Frost Breath 66 Nival Raptor Ice damage and Paralysis M INT-1
Sandspray 66 Qiqirn area Blind M VIT+1
Corrosive Ooze 66 Slug Single-target Water damage; ATT Down; DEF Down M HP-10, MP+10
Diamondhide 67 Troll Area Stoneskin M Vit+1
Enervation 67 Troll Area Magic Defense/defense down M HP-5, MP+5
Warm-Up 68 Mamool Ja Accuracy/Evasion Up M ?
Firespit 68 Mamool Ja Fire damage M ?
Tail Slap 69 Lamia Area attack and Stun P MND +2
Hysteric Barrage 69 Lamia 5 hit physical damage P ?
Regurgitation 69 Peiste Water damage and Bind M MP+3, INT+1, MND+1
Amplification 70 Flan Magic attack/defense Up M ?
Cannonball 70 Wamouracampa Ranged physical attack P STR+1
Asuran Claws 70 Gnole 6-hit attack P AGI+3
Lowing 71 Buffalo Disease M ?
Heat Breath 71 Manticore Fire damage in fan-shape area M ?
Triumphant Roar 71 Gargouille Enhances attack. M STR+3
Disseverment 72 Aern 5 hits and Poison P ?
Saline Coat 72 Xzomit Magic Defense Up M MP+10, VIT+2, AGI+2
Sub-zero Smash 72 Ruszor Blunt damage and paralysis P HP+10, VIT+3
Ram Charge 73 Ram Physical damage P HP+5
Mind Blast 73 Soulflayer Lightning damage and paralysis M MP+5, MND+1
Temporal Shift 73 Hpemde Area Stun M ?
Actinic Burst 74 Ghrah Accuracy down M HP+20, CHR+4
Magic Hammer 74 Poroggo Steals MP M MP-5, MND+2
Reactor Cool 74 Zdei Defense Up and Ice Spikes M ?
Vertical Cleave 75 Euvhi Physical attack P VIT+1, HP-5, MP+5
Plasma Charge 75 Phuabo Shock Spikes M STR+3, DEX+3
Exuviation 75 Wamoura Self-healing and Erase M HP+5, MP+5, CHR+1
Plenilune Embrace 76 Gnole Heals one party member, atk/matk boost M MP+5, STR+2
Acrid Stream 77 Clionid Water damage, lowers magic defense M DEX+2, MND+2
Leafstorm 77 Treant Area of effect Wind damage M MP+3, MND+1, CHR+1
Cimicine Discharge 78 Gnat Area of effect Slow M DEX+1, AGI+2
Regeneration 78 Sea Monk Self-target Regen M MND+2
Animating Wail 79 Qutrub Self-target Haste M HP+20
Battery Charge 79 Magic Pot Self-target Refresh M MP+10, MND+1
Blazing Bound 80 Limule Area of effect Fire damage M VIT+2, AGI+1
Demoralizing Roar 80 Wivre Area of effect Attack down M STR-2, VIT+3
Final Sting 81 Bee Deals damage based on current HP, and reduces caster's HP to 1. P HP-20, AGI+5
Goblin Rush 81 Goblin Threefold physical attack P HP+10, DEX+2, MND-3
Vanity Dive 82 Wanderer Physical damage P AGI+3, CHR-2
Magic Barrier 82 Ahriman Complete invincibility to magic spells M MP+7, INT+2
Whirl of Rage 83 Evil Weapon Area-of-effect physical damage and Stun effect P STR+2, VIT+2
Benthic Typhoon 83 Murex Lowers target's defense and magic defense, and deals damage. Unconfirmed STR+2, VIT+2, DEX-1, AGI-1
Auroral Drape 84 Weeper Silences and blinds enemies within range. M INT+3, CHR-2
Osmosis 84 Amoeban Steals an enemy's HP and one beneficial status effect. Ineffective against undead. M MND+3, CHR-2
Quadratic Continuum 85 Gorger Fourfold physical attack. P DEX+3, CHR-2
Fantod 85 Hippogryph Enhances attack and magic attack. M HP-10, DEX+2, AGI+2
Thermal Pulse 86 Wamouracampa Fire damage and blinds enemies within range. M VIT+2