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Homing Laser, a Blue Magic.

In Final Fantasy VIII, Quistis can learn Blue Magic (青魔法, Ao Mahō?) as her Limit Break. Quistis learns new Limit Breaks by the use of certain items. Quistis's Limit Break attacks get more powerful the higher the Crisis Level is (the more disadvantageous position she finds herself in). Teaching every Blue Magic spell to Quistis in the Steam version earns the player the Blue Magic Master achievement.

List of Blue Magic spellsEdit

Ability Effect Item Attack Power[1]
Laser Eye
Laser eye ffviii
Quistis fires an eye beam at an enemy. Known by default Crisis Lv 1: 40
Crisis Lv 2: 48
Crisis Lv 3: 58
Crisis Lv 4: 64
Ultra Waves
Ultra waves ffviii
Sonic waves rush around the field and hit all enemies. Spider Web Crisis Lv 1: 27
Crisis Lv 2: 33
Crisis Lv 3: 40
Crisis Lv 4: 48
Bolts of lightning rush around Quistis's body that strike enemies dealing lightning-elemental damage. Coral Fragment Crisis Lv 1: 30
Crisis Lv 2: 36
Crisis Lv 3: 44
Crisis Lv 4: 50
Casts Death on all enemies. Curse Spike Crisis Lv 1: LV4 Death
Crisis Lv 2: LV3 Death
Crisis Lv 3: LV2 Death
Crisis Lv 4: LV1 Death
Eliminates an enemy from battle. Doesn't work on most bosses, Grat, Cactuar, Tonberry, Vysage, Lefty, Righty, Esthar Soldier (Terminator), UFO? and PuPu. Black Hole N/A
Aqua Breath
Fires a water wave at all enemies, dealing water-elemental damage. Water Crystal Crisis Lv 1: 50
Crisis Lv 2: 70
Crisis Lv 3: 80
Crisis Lv 4: 100
Micro Missiles
Fires several missiles at an enemy that cuts its HP down depending on Crisis Level. Gravity-based attack. Missile Crisis Lv 1: 50% HP
Crisis Lv 2: 75% HP
Crisis Lv 3: 87.5% HP
Crisis Lv 4: 93.75% HP
Quistis hits an enemy with poison, inflicting various status effects, depending on Crisis Level. Mystery Fluid Crisis Lv 1: Atk Pwr: 30, Poison
Crisis Lv 2: Atk Pwr: 38, Poison, Blind
Crisis Lv 3: Atk Pwr: 44, Poison, Blind, Silence, Vit 0
Crisis Lv 4: Atk Pwr: 52, Poison, Blind, Silence, Vit 0, Petrify
Gatling Gun
Gatling Gun
Quistis fires a wave of bullets at enemy. Physical attack. Running Fire Crisis Lv 1: 60
Crisis Lv 2: 80
Crisis Lv 3: 100
Crisis Lv 4: 120
Fire Breath
Fire Breath FFVIII
Quistis fires a wave of fire at all enemies, dealing fire-elemental damage. Inferno Fang Crisis Lv 1: 70
Crisis Lv 2: 90
Crisis Lv 3: 100
Crisis Lv 4: 120
Bad Breath
Inflicts various status problems, depending on Crisis Level. Malboro Tentacle Crisis Lv 1: Poison, Blind, Silence, Sleep, Confuse, Slow
Crisis Lv 2: Poison, Blind, Silence, Sleep, Confuse, Slow, Berserk, Stop, Gradual Petrify
Crisis Lv 3: Poison, Blind, Silence, Sleep, Confuse, Slow, Berserk, Stop, Gradual Petrify, Petrify, Zombie
Crisis Lv 4: Poison, Blind, Silence, Sleep, Confuse, Slow, Berserk, Stop, Gradual Petrify, Petrify, Zombie, Vit 0, Doom, Death
White Wind
Restores the HP of all party members. The amount of HP restored is Quistis' max HP - current HP. Whisper N/A
Homing Laser
Quistis fires a laser at an enemy for high damage. Laser Cannon Crisis Lv 1: 100
Crisis Lv 2: 150
Crisis Lv 3: 200
Crisis Lv 4: 250
Mighty Guard
Quistis casts Shell and Protect on the party. Sometimes Regen, Haste, Float, and even Aura are added. Barrier Crisis Lv 1: Protect, Shell
Crisis Lv 2: Protect, Shell, Regen, Float, Haste
Crisis Lv 3: Protect, Shell, Regen, Float, Haste, Aura
Crisis Lv 4: Protect, Shell, Regen, Float, Haste, Aura
Quistis sweeps a laser across the battlefield that blows all enemies into the air. Power Generator Crisis Lv 1: 80
Crisis Lv 2: 90
Crisis Lv 3: 100
Crisis Lv 4: 110
Shockwave Pulsar
Quistis sucks all enemies up into the sky and they are blasted with a gravitational ball of energy. It is Griever's special attack. This is the only attack which allows Quistis to inflict more than 9,999 points of damage. Dark Matter Crisis Lv 1: 150
Crisis Lv 2: 200
Crisis Lv 3: 200
Crisis Lv 4: 250


Item Where to obtain
Spider Web Dropped and mugged from Caterchipillar, modified from Caterchipillar cards
Coral Fragment Dropped and mugged from Creeps, modified from Creeps cards
Curse Spike Dropped and mugged from Tri-Face, dropped from Malboro, modified from Tri-Face cards
Black Hole Dropped and mugged from Gesper, modified from Gesper and Diablos cards
Water Crystal Dropped from Chimera, Fastitocalon, Fastitocalon-F and Grand Mantis, mugged from Fastitocalon, modified from Fastitocalon-F and Fastitocalon cards
Missile Dropped and mugged from BGH251F2 and GIM52A, mugged from high-tier Death Claw.
Mystery Fluid Dropped and mugged from Gayla, modified from Gayla cards
Running Fire Dropped from BGH251F2, Iron Giant and SAM08G, mugged from SAM08G, modified from SAM08G cards
Inferno Fang Dropped from Hexadragon and Ruby Dragon, mugged from Ruby Dragon, modified from Ruby Dragon cards
Malboro Tentacle Dropped and mugged from Malboro, modified from Malboro cards
Whisper Dropped from Low-tier Adamantoise, mugged from Adamantoise
Laser Cannon Dropped from high-tier Belhelmel, Elastoid and Mobile Type 8, mugged from high-tier Elastoid and Mobile Type 8
Barrier Dropped and mugged from Behemoth, modified from Behemoth cards
Power Generator Found in Lunatic Pandora, mugged from high-tier Blitz
Dark Matter Refined from 100 Curse Spikes with level 100 Siren's Tool-RF

Other appearancesEdit

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

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Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

Quistis uses her Blue Magic in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade.

Ability Cards
Legend Cards

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

Quistis can use some of her Blue Magic spells in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Mobius Final FantasyEdit

MFF Shockwave Pulsar
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