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Bartz casts the Blue Magic Death Claw.

Perform blue magic.

FFV Blue Icon iOS Blue Magic (あおまほう, Ao Mahō?), also known as Blue, is a Magic skillset in Final Fantasy V. It is the special ability of the Blue Mage, and marks the first way in Final Fantasy to use magic learned from enemies.

Blue Magic comes in a variety of different forms, from offensive spells to positive enhancements. Some of the most useful spells in the game are Blue Magic.


The character must be hit by the Blue Magic spell either as a Blue Mage or with the Learning ability equipped while in another job to learn the spell. Only one member is required to learn a specific spell for it to be used by the others. Some enemies never normally use the desired spell onto the party and must be forced to do so to learn it. The Blue Mage needs not live through the attack to learn it, as long as another party member gets through the battle alive the desired Blue Magic spell will be acquired.

Blue Magic is the only school of magic that cannot be Dualcasted. Unlike other types of magic, Blue Magic is not disabled if the user is silenced.

Most Blue Magic spells have their own effect formulas, but the Aero spells use the damage formula of the other spells.

Aero spells' parameters are calculated as follows:

$ Attack = Spell Attack + (0..(Spell Attack/8)) $[1]
$ M = (Level*Magic Power)/256 + 4 $
$ Defense = Magic Defense $

If the target absorbs Wind, it will be healed instead of damaged; and if it has elemental immunity, the attack misses. If the target is resistant against Wind, the Attack modifier in the above formula is halved; and if it is weak against Wind, the Attack modifier is doubled and the spell will ignore the target's Magic Defense.

$ Damage = (Attack - Defense) * M $[1]

Damage is capped at 9999.

The Blue Magic skillset gives characters the Blue Mage's base Magic unless otherwise already at a higher value.

Upon mastery, Freelancers and Mimes gain the Blue Mage's base Agility, Stamina and Magic unless they already have a higher base from another mastered job.

List of spellsEdit

The following is a list of Blue Magic. Enemies in italics must be controlled by a Beastmaster and "forced" to attack for the Blue Mage to learn the skill from them. An alternative is to confuse them into casting spells onto the Blue Mage (only applicable to self-helping skills, or in certain cases, with the help of Reflect). Enemies in bold must be given MP to use Blue Magic.

Ability MP Learned From Effect Image
10 Exdeath, Azulmagia, Hades, Unknown (#172), The Damned Kills one enemy after 30 seconds. FFV iOS Doom
Curses one enemy to die in 30 seconds.
Roulette 1 Parthenope, Azulmagia, Death Dealer, Shinryu, Hades Kills one random ally or enemy. FFV iOS Roulette
KO's a randomly chosen target.
Aqua Breath
38 Dhorme Chimera, Manticore, Leviathan, Bahamut, Azulmagia, Crystal, Enuo, Famed Mimic Gogo, Aquagel Deals non-elemental damage to all enemies (Spell Attack = 75). Deals 8 times the damage to desert enemies. FFV iOS Aqua Breath
Uses bubbles to surround and damage all enemies.
Level 5 Death
(L5 Doom)
22 Page 64, Level Checker, Azulmagia, Executor, Enuo, Level Tricker Kills enemies whose levels are a multiple of 5. Ignores death resistance. FFV iOS Level 5 Death
Hits targets with levels that are multiples of 5.
Level 4 Graviga
(L4 Qrter)
9 Ghidra, Level Tricker, Level Checker, Azulmagia, Executor Casts Graviga on enemies whose levels are a multiple of 4. FFV iOS Level 4 Graviga
Hits targets with levels that are multiples of 4.
Level 2 Old
(L2 Old)
11 Magic Dragon, Level Checker, Azulmagia, Executor, Shinryu, Level Tricker Inflicts Old on enemies whose levels are a multiple of 2. FFV iOS Level 2 Old
Hits targets with levels that are multiples of 2.
Level 3 Flare
(L3 Flare)
18 Exdeath, Level Checker, Azulmagia, Executor, Shinryu, Red Dragon, Archeosaur Casts Flare on enemies whose levels are a multiple of 3. (Spell Attack = 254, pierces MDef) FFV iOS Level 3 Flare
Hits targets with levels that are multiples of 3.
Pond's Chorus
5 Azulmagia, Elf Toad, Archeotoad, Kornago, Farfarello, Gilgamesh, Lemure, Vilia Inflicts Toad on one target. FFV iOS Pond's Chorus
Inflicts one enemy with toad status.
Lilliputian Lyric
5 Mini Magician, Gilgamesh, Cherie, Farfarello, Azulmagia, Vilia, Mykale Inflicts Mini on one target. FFV iOS Lilliputian Lyric
Inflicts one enemy with mini status.
Flash 7 Crew Dust, Ramuh, Neon, Gilgamesh, Necrophobe, Azulmagia, Headstone, Orukat, Parthenope, Stone Mask Inflicts Blind on all enemies. FFV iOS Flash
Inflicts darkness on all enemies.
Time Slip 9 Traveler, Gilgamesh, Azulmagia, Cherie Inflicts Old and Sleep on one target. FFV iOS Time Slip
Causes sleep and old status on one enemy.
Moon Flute
3 Page 256, Jackanapes, Mykale Inflicts Berserk on all allies. FFV iOS Moon Flute
Causes berserk status for all allies.
Death Claw
21 Death Claw, Treant, Gilgamesh, Soul Eater, Azulmagia, Iron Claw, Objet d'Art, Strapparer Reduces a target's HP to single digits and inflicts Paralyze. FFV iOS Death Claw
Brings one enemy to the point of death. Causes paralysis.
Aero 4 Moldwynd, Gigas, Magissa, Mykale, Azulmagia, Defeater Deals Wind-elemental damage to one or all enemies. (Spell Attack = 20) FFV iOS Aero
Deals wind damage.
(Aero 2)
10 Gigas, Enchanted Fan, Page 32, Gilgamesh, Enkidu, Abductor, Azulmagia, Galajelly Deals Wind-elemental damage to one or all enemies. (Spell Attack = 50) FF5 Android Aera
Deals wind damage.
(Aero 3)
24 Enchanted Fan (Metamorpha version only), Magic Dragon, Elm Gigas, Crystal, Baldanders, Azulmagia, Neo Exdeath, Dark Elemental, Enuo, Cherie, Ziggurat Gigas (Zephyrus version only) Deals Wind-elemental damage to one or all enemies. (Spell Attack = 140) FFV iOS AerogaChar
Deals wind damage.
Flame Thrower
5 Prototype, Flame Thrower, Mecha Head, Omega, Omega Mk.II, Triton, Great Dragon, Azulmagia, Claret Dragon, Mindflayer Deals Fire-elemental damage to one enemy. (Spell Attack = 50) FFV iOS Flame Thrower
Engulfs one enemy in flames.
Goblin Punch
0 Goblin, Black Goblin, Gilgamesh, Gobbledygook, Azulmagia, Sahagin, Nix Deals non-elemental damage to one target. If the target's level is same as the caster's level, deals 8 times the damage instead. Ignores row positions and weapons' special effects (e.g. Excalipoor hits at full power and Chicken Knife has no chance to cause fleeing). FFV iOS Goblin Punch
Attacks one enemy with a goblin's strength.
Dark Spark
27 Black Flame, Strapparer, Ushabti, Azulmagia, Hades, Shadow Halves the target's current level. FFV iOS Dark Spark
Halves target's level.
19 Magic Dragon, Ziggurat Gigas, Ushabti, Azulmagia, Page 256, Shadow, The Damned Halves the target's Defense. FFV iOS Off-Guard
Reduces target's defense.
13 Mythril Dragon, Gargoyle, Birositris, Devilfish, Unknown (#169), Mover Sacrifices the caster and fully restores one target's HP and MP. FFV iOS Transfusion
Sacrifices caster to completely restore an ally's HP and MP.
Mind Blast
6 Wendigo, Twintania, Mindflayer, Azulmagia Deals non-elemental damage while inflicts Sap and Paralyze to one target. (Spell Attack = 80) FFV iOS Mind Blast
Attacks one enemy and causes paralysis and sap status.
Vampire 2 Steel Bat, Blood Slime, Abductor, Zombie Dragon, Enkidu, Dark Aspic, Python, Mercury Bat, Azulmagia, Achelon, Dechirer, Shadow Absorbs HP from target and restores caster's HP. The amount it absorb is calculated $ (Max HP - Current HP)/2 $ The GBA version is bugged so that the formula is not divided by 2 at the end. FFV iOS Vampire
Absorbs HP from one enemy.
Magic Hammer
3 Byblos, Drippy, Apanda, Azulmagia, Oiseaurare Halves target's MP. FFV iOS Magic Hammer
Halves target's MP.
Mighty Guard
72 Ironclad, Stingray Grants Protect, Shell, Float to the party. FFV iOS Mighty Guard
Casts Protect, Shell, and Levitate on all allies.
1 Azulmagia, Motor Trap, Bomb, Purobolos, Grenade, Gilgamesh, Prototype, Unknown (#171) Kills caster to deal non-elemental piercing damage to one target equal to user's current HP. FFV iOS Self-Destruct
Sacrifices caster to deal massive damage to one enemy.
???? 3 Azulmagia, Kuza Beast, Tyrannosaur, Wild Nakk, Behemoth, Gel Fish, King Behemoth, Mecha Head, Numb Blade, Traveler Deals non-elemental piercing damage to one target equal to caster's Maximum HP minus their current HP. FFV iOS ???
1000 Needles
25 Azulmagia, Lamia Queen, Cactus, Hedgehog, Lamia, Lemure, Mykale Deals 1000 damage to one target. Damage cannot be reduced. FFV 1000 Needles iOS
Deals 1,000 damage to one enemy.
White Wind
28 Enchanted Fan, Dark Elemental, White Flame, Hellraiser Restores HP to party equal to caster's current HP. FFV iOS White Wind
Restores each party member's HP by an amount equal to the caster's current HP.
Missile 7 Prototype, Rocket Launcher, Enkidu, Gilgamesh, Mecha Head, Soul Cannon, Azulmagia, Motor Trap Reduce target to 1/4 of its current HP. FFV iOS Missile
Quarters an enemy's HP.

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