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These peculiar mages can learn the abilities of beasts and monsters, making them their own.


Blue Mage is a job for the hume race in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, which combines magickal abilities learned from monsters and the use of sabers to damage the enemy.

Some noteworthy Blue Mages include Blue King Bliu and a member of the gossip trio, which consists of a Blue Mage, a hume Hunter, and a nu mou Illusionist, who gives the player hints of recent activities.


Blue Mages are plagued by low Speed, below-average Strength and Magick, average defensive stats, and slightly low Evasion stats, but make up for some of it with high Resilience, unique buffs and diverse spells (which require both time and dedication to learn). One might want to level up the Black Mage job for magick and dual-wield to increase attack power since this class has good movement and weapons to compensate.

To learn an ability, a Blue Mage must be successfully attacked by a monster with that ability while equipped with the support ability Learn (learned through the Light Saber). Learn can be equipped by any class. The Seer's High Magick is recommended for those willing to overlook their odd stats with the merits of Magick Frenzy, since both the Blue Mage's offensive stats are sub par, and dual-wielding will substantially increase the physical damage done. Recharge also allows the more advanced spells to be performed sooner.

While able to deal moderate damage, the Blue Mage is superb in their versatility due to their immense selection of support magic: White Wind is one of the most effective methods of restoring HP, Angel Whisper grants other units Reraise—a powerful buff seldom seen— and the Blue Mage also has other unique buffs, making them a useful addition to the party.

Some skills require special circumstances to be learned; Roulette and Cornered, for instance, can only be learned if the Blue Mage has the Reraise status when hit. Other spells are non-aggressive and monsters would never cast them on the player; the only way to obtain War Dance, Angel Whisper, White Wind, Dragon Force, or Mighty Guard is by controlling the monster with a Beastmaster or confusing the monster. Charming the monster will not allow the monster to use its beneficial abilities.


Blue Magick[]

BLUE MAGES learn the abilities of their foes and use them to fight back.

Skill Monster Range MP
Magick Hammer Baknamykind 3 4
Deals MP damage to target.
White Wind Sprite 3 20
Heals HP equal to the current HP of the caster in an area. Cannot heal user.
Angel Whisper Sprite 3 32
Heals HP and bestows Auto-Life. Cannot target user.
Night Lamiakind All units except user 22
Inflicts Sleep on all units on the battlefield except the caster.
Screech Wolfkind 3 8
Deals damage and Confuses target.
War Dance Dreamhare 4 12
Raises Attack power of all units in area.
Roar Werewolfkind All units 8
Dispels all positive statuses on map.
Sandstorm Antlion 4 12
Deals small Earth damage and Blinds.
Cornered Great Tortoise 1 4
Does 999 damage with 100% accuracy, but requires user's HP to be in single digits. Learned by being hit by Limit Glove with Auto-Life/Reraise on.
Matra Magick Adamantitan 3 22
Switches HP and MP of target. Fatal if MP is 0. Low accuracy.
Bad Breath Malborokind T area in front of unit 8
Let out a fetid breath to BLIND, SILENCE, and POISON targets in a cone in front of the user.
Eerie Sound Wave Malborokind 4 8
Neutralize buffs on one target.
Unction Red Marshmallow (Flan) 4 8
Inflicts Oil status on all units in an area.
Self-Destruct Bomb All sides 8
Deals damage to surrounding units, then KOs caster.
Doom Deathscythe 4 8
Inflicts Doom on a single target.
Roulette Ahriman One random unit 12
Instantly KOs a unit chosen at random on the battlefield. Must have Auto-Life/Reraise on to learn it.
Quake Headlesskind 3 12
Deals Earth damage.
Expose Weakness Fire Drake 4 8
Lowers Weapon Defense and Magick Resistance of target.
Mighty Guard Thunder Drake 4 8
Increases Weapon Defense and Magick Resistance of target.
Dragon Force Ice Drake 4 8
Increases Weapon Attack and Magick Attack of target.


Skill Equipment Effect AP
MP Shield Mirage Vest Damage taken depletes MP rather than HP. Has no effect when the user has no MP. 450


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Learn Light Saber Learn the blue magick equivalent of any special monster abilities that target the user. 100
Immunity Survival Vest Neither buffs nor debuffs can be removed from the user. 250


  • Since the battle system starts all units with 0 MP, it is possible for a Blue Mage to use Matra Magick before an enemy round, reducing their HP to zero, resulting in an instant KO or if the unit has already been drained of some MP from another class using Rasp, Soulsphere, and any other MP-reducing attacks before Matra Magick.
  • The most reliable way to learn the moves is to get a Beastmaster to control a monster with the desired ability and have the said Beastmaster use the ability on the Blue Mage. This is also the only way of learning moves with beneficial effects that monsters wouldn't target the Blue Mage with, besides confusing the monster.