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The Blue Dragon is an enemy from Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.



The Blue Dragon is dangerous and can potentially wipe out an entire party with its Icestorm attack if the party is not leveled enough or have outdated armor. Blue Dragons follow a strict pattern of Attack > Icestorm > Attack > Attack > Icestorm, at which point it will loop back to the start of the pattern again.


Since the damage done by Icestorm is related to its current health (higher HP means more damage), it's important to squeeze in as much damage as possible before the attack can be used. Once the dragon's health has been brought down, Icestorm should be relatively mild. Constant healing is highly recommended.


A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, which is featured in the myths of many cultures.

Chromatic dragon is a classification of dragon in the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons who are typically of evil alignment, in contrast to the metallic dragons, and their queen is Tiamat. White, black, green, blue and red dragons are the classic chromatic dragons. Final Fantasy has derived a lot of influence from D&D, especially the early series. Blue dragons are the second-most powerful of the classic chromatic dragons. They excel in aerial combat, discharge lightning, are powerful at spell craft and adept at burrowing in sand.

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