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I've been huntin' for years, but I ain't never seen dualhorns with blood red tusks like those.

Bloodhorn is the first boss in Final Fantasy XV, fought during the The Mutant Marauder main quest. Killing it yields the Red Tusk key item.

A much stronger version can be encountered later as a normal enemy outside the Disc of Cauthess blockade.


A daemonic dualhorn recognized by its red horns and tusks. What it lacks in strength, it makes up for in agility. Reported to be extraordinarily aggressive, it is best approached with caution and dispatched with precision.
Size: 27.69 ft. Weight: 31.89 t
A bloodhorn variant inhabiting the Duscae region. Although originally discovered in Leide, this half-daemon was recently spotted by a group of hunters exploring the Mencemoor. This savage creature not only boasts great agility, but also possesses more strength than its dualhorn cousins.
Size: 28.08 ft. Weight: 34.33 t

Stats Edit



Battle Edit

Bloodhorn is weak to fire and polearms. It charges at the party and can launch Noctis in the air with its horns, which it will swing from side to side to ram into the player characters. The horns can be broken off. As a half-daemon, bloodhorn's attacks deplete maximum HP even if it is an enemy fought during the daytime.

Strategy Edit

Gladiolus's Techniques are good, such as Tempest. Warp-striking its behind from a distance can deal massive damage, and locking onto its horns and warp-striking to them from a distance may break them off. Crafting a fire spell with Elemancy is good against it.

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