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Bloodfest is Yuffie's second level 2 Limit in Final Fantasy VII. It deals 10 randomly distributed hits among enemies, with each hit being equivalent to 0.625 times Yuffie's normal damage, giving it an identical effect to Red XIII's Stardust Ray.


Bloodfest is obtained by using Landscaper seven times. Yuffie can equip Cover Materia to speed this up, causing her to fill her Limit gauge faster by sustaining more damage. Another way is to fill the gauge faster is using a Hyper for the Fury status that doubles the rate. A good place for Limit grinding is the large forest in the Nibel Area past Mt. Nibel. Here, the Battery Cap enemies use a laser attack that can increase Yuffie's Limit gauge quickly, while the Valron fought there also has Gravity-based attacks that can increase Yuffie's Limit gauge quickly without killing her.


Spread across 10 hits, Bloodfest's damage totals over 6 times Yuffie's base damage, making it more potent against single targets compared to Landscaper. As it deals physical damage, it is based on Yuffie's Strength stat and currently equipped weapon. Yuffie's stats are average across the board, meaning she can be viably built towards dealing physical damage, though in some cases, players will prefer to keep her Limit on level 1 for Clear Tranquil.

Bloodfest is useful for Yuffie in terms of single target damage, while both Landscaper and Yuffie's first level 3 Limit, Gauntlet, are better for attacking groups of enemies. Yuffie's Doom of the Living ultimately outclasses Bloodfest as it hits enemies for 15 times at the same potency as Bloodfest, giving it a 50% increase in overall damage output by comparison.