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Bloodbath is Yuffie Kisaragi's limit break in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It is a typical multi-hitting physical attack limit break aimed at a single target, and as a limit break, requires no ATB to use. It can also be synergized with Sonon Kusakabe in Synergized Limit Breaks.

When using Bloodbath, Yuffie leaps to the air and lands in front of an enemy, bringing her shuriken down as she does. After this, she performs a flurry of blows, before then striking her shuriken forward and leaping again upwards in the air.

In the original Final Fantasy VII, Bloodfest was Yuffie's second level 2 limit break.


Bloodbath deals heavy physical damage aimed at a single target. It requires no ATB to use, but has a fairly long animation; though Yuffie is hard to hit during this animation, she is not invulnerable. There is rarely a drawback to using the ability when an enemy is not currently immune to physical damage.

The main consideration when using Bloodbath is whether to instead use it as a Limit Synch with Sonon. Limit Synch requires both Yuffie and Sonon's limit breaks to be fully charged when used, something that is very difficult to synchronize without the use of certain accessories (such as two Gotterdammerungs). However, when used together, the damage is immense and can make short work of almost any enemy and most bosses, especially those that are staggered.

Unlike characters in the main game, Yuffie does not have a level 2 limit break.