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Blood Gigas is a giant/headless-type enemy in Final Fantasy XII. They usually stand still next to walls and attack the party as they pass. Though they are found predominately within the Stilshrine of Miriam, they can also be found in the Draklor Laboratory. Blood Gigas's rare poach is an armor piece.

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Being a cruel headless giant, born from the spilled blood of a demon. It views the world through the eye enchained across its chest, the pupil of which is said to be a window onto the underworld. Some say that to stare into this eye is to show your soul to the darkness, and that those foolish enough to do so are instantly consumed by an unquenchable rage. Many such rumors endure to this day, in the absence of a survivor to disprove them.


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Stilshrine of Miriam

Draklor Laboratory

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Gigas is a popular term for races of giants in fantasy games. Gigas is a Greek word meaning "giant," originally used to describe the race of Gigantes in Greek mythology and is used in the scientific name, as the specific epithet, of hundreds of species of animals and dozens of plant species to denote their size.

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