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The Blitz Squadron or Blitz Squad is a group of PSICOM soldiers sent to investigate an anomaly in the Vile Peaks in the year 10 AF in Final Fantasy XIII-2.



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Corporal Thunder of the Blitz Squadron.

In the year 10 AF, strange events started to occur in the Vile Peaks. A group of elite PSICOM soldiers was dispatched to the area. It seemed that the operation would be a routine check, but the airship the squadron was on was suddenly caught in a paradox and was tossed about in the air and the squad members were thrown all over the Vile Peaks.

When Serah and Noel arrive in the Vile Peaks 200 AF, they discover a member of the Blitz Squad hidden in a time distortion. He alerts them that there are six other members spaced out across time in the Vile Peaks. They encounter the captain of the squad in front of a dark shape in the center of the paradox. Serah and Noel figure out the form is gaining its power from a different time period.

Twilight Odin—the squadron's assailant.

Serah and Noel go to the Vile Peaks in 10 AF and find more of the squadron. They discover the Twilight Odin there and defeat it by weakening its form from 200 AF.

With this work done, the soldiers return home in 10 AF. They are hailed as heroes, but make sure to acknowledge the soldier who inspired them, Lightning.

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  • Torreno
  • Baxter
  • Falcon
  • Ray - the squadron's pilot
  • Blitz
  • Thunder
  • Sarge


As stated by Blitz, the Squadron's name is a memento for Lightning, as the members of the squadron had been Lightning's colleagues when she was a member of the Bodhum Security Regiment of the Guardian Corps. Inspired by her brave actions, they decided to follow in her footsteps and work for a better future, just as she did.

Blitz is a German word for "lightning". In English it is associated with quickness.