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Causes Darkness, which hinders accuracy of physical attacks.


Blind is a Wht Mag spell in Final Fantasy IX for Dagger and Beatrix, used to inflict the Darkness status that reduces one or multiple targets' accuracy, making them commonly miss with their physical attacks. Blind is vulnerable to Reflect and works with Return Magic. Blind can be cast by Ring Leader and Quale.


Dagger learns Blind from the Multina Racket and Magician Shoes. The earliest she can use it is finding the Multina Racket from the chest in Bohden Gate; when Zidane's party leaves Lindblum on foot the first time, they can make a detour to Bohden Gate. Dagger is not in the party at this time, so the player can use it when the view point changes to her and Steiner's party after the events in Burmecia.

Beatrix knows Blind natively.


Blind inflicts the Darkness status to one or multiple targets at the cost of 6 MP, making their attacks commonly miss, and makes them unable to evade. The chance to hit with the spell is calculated as follows:

Afterward, two randomly generated values determine if the spell will hit:

A random number 0...99 >= Chance, the spell misses its mark
A random number 0...99 < Target Magic Evade, the target evades

Accuracy is halved by the target's Shell, the spellcaster being under Mini, and multi-targeting the spell.

The support ability that affects Blind is Reflect-Null, which allows Blind to pierce the target's Reflect.


Blind makes the affected commonly miss with their attacks and becomes unable to evade. It is more useful in long battles where the enemy is expected to get multiple attacks against the player's party, such as boss battles, however, bosses tend to be immune to status abnormalities. However, with a higher base chance to hit than many other status spells, and if there is no healing that needs to be done on Dagger's turn, Blind is a fairly cheap spell to cast that can greatly hinder an enemy if it succeeds.

Whereas Vivi can boost his status-infliction rate with spells with Focus, Dagger must rely on her natural stats.

Other ways to inflict Darkness are with Steiner's Rune Blade (25%), Freya's Trident (20%), and Amarant's Rune Claws (30%) with Add Status, as well as Quina's Bad Breath (40%).