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Blazing Bound is a Blue Mage spell from from Final Fantasy XI. It is a magical-type Blue Magic spell learnable at level 69.


The spell is learned from Limule enemies that use the ability, which can be found in the Abyssea versions of the Konschtat Highlands and La Theine Plateau.


When used, it deals fire damage to one target, with its damage potential being based on the user's magic defense. It costs 3 Blue Magic Points to set, granting a VIT +2 and AGI +1 stat increase when set. It takes 6 seconds to cast and can be recast every 30 seconds.

If it is equipped with Animating Wail, Delta Thrust, Mortal Ray, Barbed Crescent, or Quadratic Continuum, it grants the Dual Wield job trait.

While useful at the level obtained for its ability to make Dual Wield, Blazing Bound is rarely used in end-game activities and replaced with later spells to make higher forms of the job trait. Due to the spell being based on user's magic defense, it gains no bonus damage from the Magic Attack Bonus job traits, making the spell pale in comparison to other magic fire-elemental spells that do, such as Firespit, Thermal Pulse, and Searing Tempest.