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Blazin' Caravans is a minigame found in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. It is a racing game, with the goal to finish first.


To access the game, the player must first fulfill the following conditions:

  • Obtain a stamp card by talking to a moogle.
  • Collect all Mog stamps in a set of 1, 2, or 3.
  • Talk to one of the moogles that gives a Mog stamp of which the player has completed a matching set, and select "Let me play the minigame".

However, there is a simple way to start playing the minigame without collecting a lot of stamps. First, visit the Marr's Pass moogle's den and ask the moogle for his stamp. This specific stamp is unique in the fact that it enables the player to start the minigame immediately. To do so, all that is needed is to talk to that moogle one more time and ask to play.


Blazin' Caravans is only available in Multiplayer mode, as it takes place on the Game Boy Advance. There can be up to four competitors per race, each using his/her own Game Boy Advance console. A single player can race against three CPU opponents. Before each race, the player can choose one of four wagons to race with. Each one has different attributes in top speed, acceleration, and handling.

As there are nine sets of Mog stamps, it is possible to participate in nine different courses depending on which Moogle is spoken to. The nine courses consist of three on the beach, plains, and desert areas.


  • Before starting a race, check up on the character's food tastes via the Favorites menu. Then, during a race, try to collect the character's favorite food as often as possible to earn a boost. However, collecting food that the character does not like will slow them down. Picking up food they only slightly like will have no effect either way.
  • In the same way food is collected, Magicite can be picked up during a race. Once a piece is collected, press the L Button to fire it. Magicite attacks can be particularly potent when used on a group of rivals, because even if only one target is hit, all the vehicles behind it may be slowed down.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates[]

Blazin' Caravans Redux appears as a playable minigame as soon as enough stamps are collected. It plays the same in the way as the original in that the controls and the premise are the same, however, there is only one course to race on, and it is not multiplayer. Because of this, there are seven other opponents instead of just three.