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Blazefire Saber in Final Fantasy XIII.

A weapon new to the Sanctum army, this gunblade is only issued to highly trained soldiers.

Final Fantasy XIII description

Blazefire Saber (ブレイズエッジ, Bureizu Ejji?, lit. Blaze Edge) is a gunblade, and is Lightning's signature weapon. It is her starting gunblade in Final Fantasy XIII and is wielded by her in most of her spin-off appearances as her primary weapon.


Blazefire Saber is a gunblade, a weapon that can transform between sword and firearm forms. Lightning herself changes between the two on-the-fly with both forms being equally powerful, but in appearances outside of Final Fantasy XIII the weapon tends to only work as a sword. There is an inscription on the saber Blazefire Saber Inscription that reads "Invoke my name - I am Spark," written in the Pulsian alphabet. In Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero -Promise-, Lieutenant Amodar says the inscription is present exclusively on Lightning's blade. Upon close inspection in the render present in the game cover Lightning Cover, there's an inscription that reads "Made in Cocov(Cocoon)" in Cocoon alphabet.


Final Fantasy XIII[]

Blazefire Saber is a a first tier weapon available for Lightning. It is her initially equipped weapon and can also be obtained from the Retail Network Up In Arms for 2,000 gil. It can be upgraded to the Flamberge by using the Perovskite item, and provides physical defense as its chain ability. Regardless of what weapon Lightning has equipped, pre-rendered cutscenes show her wielding the Blazefire Saber. When boarding the Purge train, she hands her weapon to PSICOM, but reclaims it when the Purgees take over the train as it enters the Hanging Edge.

Despite the Blazefire Saber's lack of abilities and low attack compared to some other gunblades, its use as a balanced weapon between Strength and Magic makes it useful for Lightning, as she is balanced herself. Using the Blazefire Saber allows her to switch easily from physical to magical attacking, without a loss in comparative attack power. It also requires fewer Experience Points to level up compared to some of her other weapons.

Lvl Str Mag Exp Lvl Str Mag Exp
1 15 15 300 14 67 67 1041
2 19 19 357 15 71 71 1098
3 23 23 414 16 75 75 1155
4 27 27 471 17 79 79 1212
5 31 31 528 18 83 83 1269
6 35 35 585 19 87 87 1326
7 39 39 642 20 91 91 1383
8 43 43 699 21 95 95 1440
9 47 47 756 22 99 99 1497
10 51 51 813 23 103 103 1554
11 55 55 870 24 107 107 1611
12 59 59 927 25 111 111 1668
13 63 63 984 115 115 Perovskite

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

Lightning's Coliseum boss wields the Blazefire Saber in battle.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII[]

A regulation sword used by Sanctum forces in official capacities. Excellent soldiers are given priority when these precious blades are being distributed.


The Blazefire Saber is available to all players who have a Final Fantasy XIII save file present on the console on which the game is played, and can be accessed through the Outerworld Rewards section in the Rewards Barter Shop of the in-game menu. It provides 250 points to Strength and Magic and improves the ATB Speed by 15. It has the auto-ability Arsenal of One, which slightly increases the damage done with Army of One.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

The Blazefire Saber appeared as Lightning's weapon in the crossover event Lightning Strikes. Players could acquire it as a Gladiator's Arm Gladiator's Arm during the event, or otherwise purchase it on the Mog Station. While it can be used as a weapon by low-level Gladiator Gladiators, it is mostly intended as a glamour.

Blazefire Saber

Blazefire Saber

Gladiator's Arm
GLA PLD Lv. 13
Item Level 13
Physical Damage: 11 Auto-attack: 7.62 Delay: 2.08
Strength +2
Vitality +1
Tenacity +2
Determination +1
Blacksmith Blacksmith
Dyeable: No Untradeable

Final Fantasy XV[]

Blazefire Saber.

The game has two Blazefire Sabers as DLC. They are one-handed swords for Noctis, the only difference being color and the recolor having 1 more point of ATK power.

The regular Blazefire Saber is a bonus weapon for the players who purchased the game with 7-Eleven's online store in Japan. In the US it was part of's preorder bonus. It is now available as a DLC item.

Blazefire Saber
(Blaze Edge)
Swords713Max MP: +9
Vitality: +18
-15% physical damage taken
Buy: —
Sell: —
Download: Amazon pre-order bonus, Weapon: Blazefire Saber (FFXIII) DLC
Ore imbued with legendary defensive magic is forged within this one-handed sword, protecting the wielder when the weapon is manifest.
Blazefire Saber XV
(Blaze Edge Revised)
FFXV Blazefire Saber recolor DLC.png
Swords723Max MP: +9
Vitality: +18
-15% physical damage taken
Buy: —
Sell: —
Download: Microsoft Store Windows Edition bonus, Blazefire Saber XV (FFXV Original Recolor) DLC

Final Fantasy Dimensions II[]

The weapon can only be obtained in the "New Year Chocobo" Raid event that took place in January 2017. It provides 1,350 HP, 100 MP, 260 Attack, 235 Magic and 97 Speed to the wielder.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Lightning's Blazefire Saber.

The Blazefire Saber is Lightning's weapon. She wields it in all of her alternate outfits and in both of its gun and sword forms. Bartz can also use Blazefire Saber in some Bravery attacks, but only in its sword form. Manikin forms of the two use crystalline versions of the Blazefire Saber.

The Blazefire Saber is also a level 1 exclusive weapon for Lightning, found in a treasure chest, and also able to be crafted, making it possible to own multiple copies. It raises Lightning's Attack by 11 points.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT[]

The Blazefire Saber is Lightning's default weapon. Like all other characters' weapons, having it equipped carries no advantages or disadvantages.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia[]

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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy[]

Lightning wields the Blazefire Saber in her character model.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[]

Lightning wields the Blazefire Saber in her Final Fantasy XIII attire.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Final Fantasy All the Bravest[]

One of many gunblades used by one of many beautiful heroes. It's hard to keep track.


Blazefire Saber grants +4 to Attack. It can be equipped by Warrior, Red Mage, Blue Mage, Onion Knight, Firion, Terra, Celes, Zidane, Tidus, Ashe, and Lightning.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Blazefire Saber (XIII)
(Blaze Edge (XIII))
Rarity 5
Additional stats: Accuracy +95
Unique Soul Break: Blaze Rush (Lightning)

Final Fantasy Explorers[]

The gunblade of a champion from another world. Grants the wielder ironclad defense.

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

A type of dual-mode weapon, which can transform into a gun. The blade is engraved with letters from the faraway world of its origin. It can be folded into a compact design, making it easy to carry around. In its world, the blazefire saber was used to glorious effect in battle by a former soldier. She went by an alias that evoked the image of a thunderbolt.


Blazefire Saber (FFXIII) is a Sword obtained during the Final Fantasy XIII exploration event, The Gapra Whitewoods. It provides 96 ATK, 52 MAG, and is Lightning-elemental.

Lightning wields the Blazefire Saber in her 5★ rarity sprite.

Mobius Final Fantasy[]

The weapon was available as a Warrior weapon during the Final Fantasy XIII Collaboration Event in September 2017.

Non-Final Fantasy appearances[]

The 3rd Birthday[]

The Blazefire Saber (known as its Japanese name, Blaze Edge) appeared as an unlockable weapon for Aya Brea, along with a costume based on Lightning, as part of Dissidia 012 and The 3rd Birthday tie-ins.

Puzzle & Dragons[]

Lightning's Blazefire Saber.

Lightning's Blazefire Saber appeared as part of the Crystal Defenders collaboration.

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StarCraft II[]

Schematic of the Blazefire Gunblade.

A gunblade named the Blazefire Gunblade appears in the Covert Ops mission pack, and is a secret weapon usable by Nova and found in the seventh mission of the campaign. The weapon allows Nova to use the Fury of One ability, rapidly teleporting and attacking up to eleven times to strike enemies in the area of effect.

Other media[]

The Blazefire Saber in the "Long Live Play" ad.

The Blazefire Saber makes an appearance in a PlayStation 3 commercial called "Michael" - PS3 Long Live Play -- Full Length standing on weapon holder.


An official Blazefire Saber keyring has been released as merchandise, made out of leather and metal. Lightning wields the weapon in some of her merchandise.



"Blaze" is a synonym of fire. It might also be a play on "Blazing fire", meaning a fire that burns strongly.

In Japan, the gunblade's name, Blaze Edge, is also a name for a music piece from the original soundtrack used for the most boss battles on Cocoon and some marks on Gran Pulse. The English release names the track "Saber's Edge."

The sabre or saber is a sword that usually has a curved, single-edged blade and a rather large hand guard, covering the knuckles of the hand as well as the thumb and forefinger.