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Blaze Spikes in Final Fantasy XI.

Blaze Spikes (ブレイズスパイク, Bureizu Supaiku?) is a recurring spell in the Final Fantasy series. It grants the status of the same name to the user.


Final Fantasy XI[]

Blaze Spikes is an enhancing Black Magic spell. It covers the caster with magical spikes that inflict Fire-elemental damage on enemies that physically hit the target with the status. The amount of damage is contingent on the caster's Enhancing Magic skill and the target's resistance to Fire damage. Generally, this spell will not do more than fifteen damage per hit at level 75, and starts out much weaker.

Red Mages wearing Duelist's Tights will have the effect of their spikes enhanced.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Blaze Spikes is an enemy ability used by the Amalj'aa beastmen enemies. When used, the ability will grant the user the Blaze Spikes status for a period of 20 seconds. When under the effect of Blaze Spikes, the spikes will inflict fire-elemental damage to the player when doing damage to the enemy.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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World of Final Fantasy[]

Blaze Spikes is a passive fire-elemental ability that allows one to sometimes counter with fire when hit. It can be used by Blood Eye, Flammantoise, Ghidra, Gleefrit, Ifrit, Ifrit★, and Red Dragon.

It is also an enemy ability used by Gleefrit.