Blaze in Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Blaze (ほのお, Honō?, lit. Flame) is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy series. It is a Fire-elemental attack usually used by enemies to damage all party members.

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Final Fantasy

Blaze is the name given to several different monster attacks starting from Dawn of Souls onward. All Blaze attacks are fire-elemental and target the entire party. In the NES and Origins release, these abilities have an accuracy of 32.

Image NES Name PSX Name GBA / PSP / Mobile Name Power Used by
FFI PSP Blaze 1.png BLAZE Blaze 64 Red Dragon, Tiamat, Ahriman
FF1-PSP-BlazeHellhound.jpg SCORCH Scorch Blaze 7 Hellhound
FFI PSP Blaze 3.png HEAT Heat Blaze 12 Fire Lizard
FFI PSP Blaze 2.png CREMATE Cremate Blaze 24 Chimera, Rhyos, Fire Hydra
FFI PSP Blaze 4.png INFERNO Inferno Blaze 96 Chaos

Final Fantasy II

Chimera using Blaze.

A weak version of this spell, Blaze VII, can be used by the Chimera. The much more powerful Blaze XVI attack is known by the Salamander and the bosses Red Dragon, Tiamat, Beelzebub Soul, Deumion and Yamatano Orochi. Blaze VII can also be utilized by the player by using the Wyvern in battle.

Final Fantasy IV

Chimeras and Chimera Brains can cast Blaze to inflict a large amount of Ice damage. In the Complete Collection version, the attack is called "Frost Blast".

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-

Blaze returns as an ability used by Flamehounds to deal massive Fire-elemental damage to all characters. Rydia? also uses Blaze as a counter to taking damage from Fire-elemental spells.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Flamehounds can use Blaze to deal massive Fire-elemental damage to all characters.

Final Fantasy V

A whole host of dragon-type enemies use the Blaze attack and can be Controlled to cast the spell. These include the Gorgimera, Istory Lythos, Magic Dragon, Wyrm, Shield Dragon, and Mini Dragon. Other enemies who use the Blaze attack are the Covert, Archeoaevis, Jura Aevis, Neo Shinryu, and the Liquid Flame, who counters with Blaze when in its human form.

The player may utilize this ability by catching and releasing a Magic Dragon or from a Bio Soldier during a fight with Zephyrus.

Final Fantasy VI

The Bomb genus of enemies, as well as the Great Dragon, use Blaze which targets one or all enemies. It has a power of 68 with a hit rate of 120, and it cost 20 MP for the enemy to use.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

While not a specific ability itself, Blaze is the title of the Bomb's skillset.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light

Blaze is used by the second and third forms of Chaos. When the ability is used it causes three pillars of violet flames to attack all members of the opposing party, inflicting moderate Fire-elemental damage and causing Confuse.

Final Fantasy Dimensions

Watchbeast uses Blaze.

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Dissidia Final Fantasy

To ash!


One of Garland's HP attacks is named Blaze, and involves him spinning his sword in order to fire several bolts of flame at opponents.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

Blaze returns as an HP attack in Garland's arsenal. It was changed a little with the addition of better homing and faster movement. The projectiles have also been changed to more of an orange rather than red.

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game

Blaze is an ability usable by one of Rubicante's cards, depicting his Theatrhythm Final Fantasy artwork. For the discard of a Rubicante card, one Fire CP, and Dulling Rubicante, Blaze deals 5,000 damage to all Forwards that are not of the Fire attribute.

Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon

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