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Blaze is a Clavat in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. He is a Crystal Bearer.

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Blaze is a Crystal Bearer with the power to create and manipulate fire at will. He abuses this power, which has led many to fear Crystal Bearers. Blaze was Layle's partner and taught him to master his abilities before Layle abandons him.

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Blaze shouts after Layle before the Lilty guards chase him and Belle when they flee from Alfitaria in a chocobo-drawn cart. He reappears as a cloaked figure trying to steal Belle's belongings from Costa Faguita, later setting the women's dressing area on fire with his powers. Aboard the Selkie train, he is taken into Lilty custody just as Layle escapes the Lilty guards' notice. Blaze is hired by Jegran to hunt down Belle, attempting to bring Layle back to his side.

Blaze speaks to Layle at the Rivelgauge Monastery while trying to find Belle. After encountering Amidatelion as they fight over Belle, Layle's interference forces Blaze to turn tail as Jegran intimidates him for his cowardice. This leads an infuriated Blaze to get revenge on Jegran by using a Crystal Reactor to boost his power. Blaze is caught off-guard by Jegran's own Crystal Bearer powers and turned into a crystal.

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Blaze is fought as a boss.

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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Edit

Blaze TCG

Blaze appears with a Fire-elemental card.

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Blaze is voiced by Matthew Mercer[1] in the English version. He shares his voice actor with Trey from Final Fantasy Type-0 and Cid from Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon.

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