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Tougher toughskin. Chews weapons with sharp teeth.


Blade Biters in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance are hardy purple turtles with high Defense and Attack stats. Tougher than normal Toughskins, they have more HP and are able to permanently destroy weapons.



Blade biter command. Crush weapons in powerful jaws.

Ability Effect
Limit Glove Deals heavy damage when own life is threatened.
If the Blade Biter is in critical HP level, this ability can do over 900 damage.
Munch Crushes weapons with sharp teeth and powerful jaws. Monster takes damage.
Resonate Back sword quivers to create resonance. Disable target.
Works on target's with metallic weapons.


Ability Effect
Weapon Atk+ Improves weapon attacks to deal more damage.



Mission Information
Turf Defense Mission: Mission: Help Nubs! The Blade Biter here is flanked by two Toughskins and controlled by a Beastmaster. Black Magic is very important in this fight.
Turf Defense Mission: Mission: Help Nargai! The Blade Biter here can be troublesome if it runs off to a corner and uses Resonate to disable any physical attackers. Try to catch it with a strong Blizzard spell before it does so.
Mission #083: Foreign Fiend The lone level 38 Blade Biter here is actually a foreign Adamantoise. Inflict it with the Disable or Stop status effects and use it to level up the party members quickly.
Mission #017: Old Friends Be careful to not let the Blade Biter sneak up and destroy one of the melee units' weapons while the Summoner and Elementalist are throwing spells.

Clan encountersEdit

Home base Clan Information
Nargai Cave Tribites Make sure the mage does not venture into the range of the Panthers when attempting to reach the Blade Biter with a spell.
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