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Black Waltz 3.

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Black Waltz 3

The three Black Waltzes (黒のワルツ, Kuro no Warutsu?) are special, winged black mages manufactured by Zorn and Thorn in Final Fantasy IX to apprehend Princess Garnet. They are many times more powerful than regular black mages, but their vast magical power means they have a shorter life expectancy, and are more volatile in nature.


Unlike the regular black mages employed by Alexandria, the Waltzes can speak from the get-go, and have more defined personalities. They appear to operate of their own volition, rather than standing around mutely unless instructed like the regular variants of their kin. The Black Waltzes pursue their assigned target relentlessly, and make use of personal airships to achieve their objective. Each Black Waltz seems to specialize in a certain element, although they have access to each others': Black Waltz 1 uses mainly ice-based magic, Black Waltz 2 uses mainly fire-based magic, and Black Waltz 3 uses mainly thunder-based magic. Black Waltz 1 also displays the ability to summon and command a monster.


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Black Waltz 1 in the Ice Cavern.

After Princess Garnet escapes Alexandria Castle with a valuable fragment of a summoning gem in her pendant, Queen Brahne sends the black waltzes to bring her back. Garnet travels with Zidane Tribal's party through he Ice Cavern when they suddenly fall asleep due to a strong sleeping spell. Only Zidane awakes, and finds the Black Waltz 1 trying to kidnap Garnet. He fights the mage off alone, even if the waltz summons a large monster to its aid. Zidane killing the mage breaks the sleeping spell and everyone awakes.

They continue their way to the village of Dali that unknown to Garnet has a secret underground black mage factory. After uncovering the town's secret, Garnet ponders returning to Alexandria to confront her mother about the black mage business, and Black Waltz 2 attacks them on the airfield where the cargo ships stop. It avoids attacking Garnet, but she helps Zidane and the others to destroy it.

Black mages try to protect Vivi from Black Mage 3.

They board a cargo ship piloted by automaton black mages to return to Alexandria, but come under fire from Black Waltz 3 on its one-man airship. Vivi, Zidane, and Steiner confront the golem leaving the journey's destination in Garnet's hands. The other black mages, that had acted like automatons before, try to protect Vivi, himself a sentient black mage, from the waltz, which only enrages it more and it blasts the black mages off the airship with powerful magic. Vivi enters Trance and joins Zidane and Steiner in fighting it, and they drive the waltz off the ship. The princess hesitates on which route to take, but ultimately decides to head for Lindblum, resulting in an erratic flight through the South Gate, crashing the Black Waltz's airship inside the gate while the cargo ship narrowly escapes.

A malfunctioning Black Waltz 3.

After spending some time in Lindblum under the hospitality of Cid Fabool IX, Garnet and Steiner sneak out, deciding to return to Alexandria alone. On their way they run into Marcus from Tantalus Theater Troupe, who wants to save his friend Blank from the Evil Forest, but needs an item known as Supersoft to heal his petrification. Garnet feels culpable for Blank's fate, as Blank and Tantalus helped her earlier when she was caught by the forest's monsters, and agrees to help in Marcus's quest much to Steiner's dismay. A malfunctioning Black Waltz 3 attacks them on their way to Treno, and the three destroy him for good.

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The waltzes are fought four times. The first is in the Ice Cavern with Zidane alone, where the waltz summons a Sealion. This can be a tough battle as Zidane is alone, but the player should focus on dispatching the mage before focusing on the minion; if Zidane achieves Trance, his Dyne skills will defeat the waltz easily.

Black Waltz 2 boss.

Next, Zidane, Dagger, Steiner and Vivi are attacked by the Black Waltz 2 on the Dali airfield. The Black Waltz will not attack Dagger, but if she is the last party member standing, the boss will hypnotize her, and it will be Game Over.

Black Waltz 3 will attack the party aboard the Cargo Ship; the party is the same, minus Dagger, who is busy piloting the ship. Vivi enters Trance at the start of the battle. Black Waltz 3 returns for the last time on the Aerbs Mountains to accost Dagger, Steiner and Marcus. It is malfunctioning, and the player normally cannot lose as it will not harm Dagger (the only way to lose is for the player to knock out Dagger themselves), but has some good spoils for Marcus to steal.

Musical themes[]

The theme "Black Waltz" (黒のワルツ, Kuro no Warutsu?) plays when encountering the Black Waltzes in the game.


Black Waltz figures have been released as part of the Final Fantasy Creatures series of action figures.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Dimensions II[]

FFLTnS Black Waltz Alt1.png
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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy[]

Black Waltz appears as an enemy in Battle Music Sequences.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[]

Black Waltz No.3 appears as an enemy in Battle Music Sequences.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Final Fantasy Artniks[]

FF9 Black Waltz 3 SR L Artniks.png

Black Waltz 3 appears in Final Fantasy Artniks.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

PFF Black Waltz2.PNG

Black Waltz 2 appears as a boss.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

The Black Waltzes appear as enemies.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Black Waltzes appears as a trading cards in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. Black Waltz 2 is Fire-elemental while Black Waltz 3 is Lightning-elemental.

Triple Triad[]

Black Waltz 3 and Black Waltz 2 appear on Triple Triad cards in the version playable via Final Fantasy Portal App.

Other media[]

Black Mages' logo.

The logo of the progressive metal band, the Black Mages, features a Black Waltz. The logo has appeared in all three studio albums released by the band.

In Final Fantasy XI, a specific player gesture associated with the Black Mage job involves sprouting large black wings and levitating above the ground for several seconds, quite possibly alluding to the Black Waltzes.



The waltz is a ballroom dance that is performed to triple time, meaning it will have three beats per measure or some number divisible by three. This is how Zidane knows there are only three Black Waltzes and no more, as Steiner initially feared.