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FFT0 Black Tortoise Crevasse

The Black Tortoise Crevasse.

FFT0 Black Tortoise Crevasse WM

The Black Tortoise Crevasse on the world map.

As I understand it, the creatures that inhabit the caves near Old Lorica are quite formidable. Only those who have completed a considerable amount of training stand any chance against the beasts that dwell within. ...All others who enter ought not expect to escape with their lives.

Dominion Tribune in Corsi

The Black Tortoise Crevasse (玄武クレバス, Genbu Kurebasu?) is a dungeon in the region of Old Lorica in Final Fantasy Type-0 and has to be crossed to reach Ultima Ground Zero, another dungeon linked to the crevasse.

Maps Edit

FFType0HD-BlackTortoiseCrevasse-Map Kopie

Map of the Crevasse with enumerated floors

  • 1st floor: Black Tortoise Crevasse Entrance
  • 2nd floor: Merizim Fork
  • 3rd floor: Cimmerian Cascade (locked upon entering)
  • 4th floor: Merizim Tunnel
  • 5th floor: Nameless Tunnel

Shops Edit

Akane Edit

Class Zero can meet Akane, the Agito Cadet whose boyfriend turned into a frog, asking them for 40 Rouge Phantoma.

Items Edit

Drop rate refers to chest loot.

Collectibles Edit

Consumables Edit

  • Potion (5 pieces) – Cimmerian Cascade (50%)
  • X-Potion (3 pieces) – Cimmerian Cascade (50%)

Enemies Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Black Tortoise Crevasse is the location Mog warns Class Zero about because of the strong monsters inhabiting it.
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