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Why would anyone build a village in the middle of a dying forest...?

Garnet Til Alexandros XVII

The Black Mage Village is a location on the Outer Continent in Final Fantasy IX populated by black mages who have become self-aware and desire a life of peace. The black mages lead a secluded life in their village concealed by the illusion of the Dead Forest. The houses resemble the head and hat of a typical black mage.

The village was created by Event Planner Nobuaki Komoto.[1]


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A black mage opens the way to Black Mage Village.

Zidane and his party hear about self-aware black mages from the dwarves in Conde Petie and decide to search them out. A bunch of owls beckon them on, going down one of either two paths. The party finds the village, but the black mages are scared of them.

After Vivi and the party befriend the mages, Mr. 288 tells Vivi that Kuja's palace is on the eastern side of the continent. During their stay Zidane reveals to Princess Garnet that he remembers nothing of his early childhood but a blue light. Vivi learns black mages have a fixed lifespan and many of the earliest models have already begun to "stop", and been buried at the village cemetery M. 288 looks over. Many mages do not understand the concept of death, however. Vivi realizes that he will also likely die soon.

After losing his eidolons and Queen Brahne's support, Kuja comes to the village to deceive the mages to follow him, promising to extend their fixed lifespans in return. Most mages follow, but Mr. 288 stays behind, as well as couple mages who are looking after a chocobo egg. When Vivi learns of this he returns to the village, and Mr. 288 divulges that Kuja has gone to Mount Gulug. Kuja abandons the mages after learning of Trance, and the mages return to the village.

When the party returns from Terra, the displaced genomes make their home in the Black Mage Village. The black mages try to teach them the ways of Gaia, despite their own naivety. The chocobo chick has hatched, whom they name "Bobby Corwen".

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Dead Forest[]

The Grove.

The Grove is the maze-like entrance to the Black Mage Village. The player should go down the path where the sign says there are no owls.

Black Mage Village[]


The Entrance.

When the party arrives the black mages gathered here flee in terror. The player will then have access to three ATEs: "Life On The Run", "Gourmand's Nose" and "Everyday Life".

Weapon Shop[]

The Weapon Shop.

The Weapon Shop is run by No. 293. Despite the name, the shop also sells armor (see Shops below).

Water Mill[]

The Water Mill.

Two black mages are inside the Water Mill watching over a chocobo egg. Quina tries to eat it, but they fiercely protect it. The egg eventually hatches and the two mages that stayed behind to take care of it, No. 33 and No. 111, name the baby chocobo Bobby Corwen. Mogryo the moogle can be found outside the Water Mill.


The Inn.

The inn is run by No. 234. During the first visit, the party spends the night here and Zidane reveals a bit of his childhood to Garnet.

Item Shop[]

The Item Shop.

The item shop is run by No. 163. Before the party enters the Shimmering Island, the player can obtain a hidden Black Belt here (see Quests below).


The Pond.

The pond is underneath the Synthesis shop and the Item shop. Clueless to the concept of death, No. 56 claims that when his friend No. 36 comes back out from the ground, he will personally wash him off in the pond.


The Synthesis Shop.

The Black Cat Synthesis Shop is run by No. 32 and No. 192. The player can climb the ladder to access the Rooftop and claim treasure.


The Cemetery.

The Cemetery is where mages bury those who have "stopped" (died). During the first visit to the village, No. 288 and No. 56 can be found here. No. 56 is particularly affected by his friend, No. 36, being buried.




When the party first meets Mogryo in the Black Mage Village, he will have a letter:

To Conde Petie

From Stiltzkin to Mogryo

I'm becoming familiar with the geography of
the Outer Continent. My destination
is Conde Petie.

They exchange a special greeting
with each other before entering
the village... what was it?

I think it was "Rally-ho"!

He sends a letter to Mocchi at the Iifa Tree:

Vivi's Eyes

From Mogryo to Mocchi

A kid named Vivi came to the Black
Mage Village. His eyes were so sad...
Like he had the weight of the world on
his shoulders, kupo.

I wanted to say "Good luck!" to him,
but I couldn't... Kupo.

I'm on your side, Vivi!

After the party has returned from Terra they can start a side quest to fix Mognet Central by talking to Kupo in Alexandria. As part of this chain of letters Atla in Burmecia sends a letter to Mogryo:

That Special Something

From Atla to Mogryo

We haven't been receiving mail, because the
machine in Mognet Central broke down.

I wonder how we can fix it? Kupo?

Do you think there's a special item
that will fix the machine?

Mogryo in response sends a letter to Kumoon in Ipsen's Castle:

Rare Item

From Mogryo to Kumool

I heard that the machine in Mognet Central
broke down! It's because they're missing
that item!

I wonder where you can find one? Kupo?
It's a rare item, so I don't think
you'll find one very easily...

Black Belt add-on[]

Village shop.

Upon first arriving in the village, the player will be subjected to numerous ATEs. Before talking to the shopkeeper further north, the player must wait until the ATE "Everyday Life" first appears and watch it before any others on the list. The black mage ponders his life as a shopkeeper. The player can then visit the shop and speak with him, choosing "I'll have the usual".

He will abandon his position behind the counter to rummage through his inventory, which gives the player the space to climb the ladder behind his counter and retrieve the Black Belt from the chest above. If the player does not follow these steps, they can go to the roof of the shop via the ladder in the synthesis shop to hear the shopkeeper talking about "the usual." After hearing this, the player can go back down into the shop and get the shopkeeper to move.

Gramophone at the inn[]

Gramophone activated.

If the player buys the key items Doga Artifact and Une's Mirror in the Treno Auction House, and then examines the gramophone at the inn, the background music will change to "Doga and Unei's Theme" from Final Fantasy III. This only works after the player has returned from Pandemonium.

Blu Mag[]

The party can battle Myconids and Zemzeletts in the Dead Forest before entering the village. Quina can eat these to learn Mighty Guard and White Wind, respectively.

In the forest surrounding the village on the world map, the party can battle Griffins, which can also be eaten to learn White Wind.

Tetra Master[]

In the endgame, many rare cards begin to appear in the denizens' decks, such as eidolon cards, weapon cards, town cards, and weapon cards.


The shops are temporarily unavailable for a portion of the game when the mages leave the village.

Black Cat Synthesis Shop[]

Item Price Components
Butterfly Sword 300 Dagger, Mage Masher
The Ogre 700 Mage Masher x2
Exploda 1000 Mage Masher, Mythril Dagger
Rune Tooth 2000 Mythril Dagger x2
Cotton Robe 1000 Wrist, Steepled Hat
Silk Robe 2000 Silk Shirt, Bandana
Desert Boots 300 Leather Hat, Leather Shirt
Yellow Scarf 400 Feather Hat, Steepled Hat
Glass Buckle 500 Glass Armlet, Leather Wrist
Germinas Boots 900 Desert Boots, Fork
Cachusha 1000 Magus Hat, Rubber Helm
Coral Ring 1200 Lightning Staff, Rod
Gold Choker 1300 Linen Cuirass, Soft
Magician Shoes 1500 Germinas Boots, Bone Wrist
Barette 1800 Needle Fork, Barbut
Power Belt 2000 Glass Buckle, Chain Mail
Madain's Ring 3000 Bone Wrist, Stardust Rod
Fairy Earrings 3200 Magic Armlet, Soft
Extension 3500 Lamia's Tiara, Multina Racket
Reflect Ring 7000 Anklet, Madain's Ring

Black Cat Synthesis Shop (endgame)[]

Item Price Components
Butterfly Sword 300 Dagger, Mage Masher
The Ogre 700 Mage Masher x2
Exploda 1000 Mage Masher, Mythril Dagger
Rune Tooth 2000 Mythril Dagger x2
Angel Bless 9000 Mythril Dagger, Gladius
Sargatanas 12000 Gladius, Zorlin Shape
Masamune 16000 Zorlin Shape, Orichalcon
Duel Claws 16000 Dragon's Claws, Tiger Fangs
Priest's Racket 11000 Air Racket, Cachusha
Bracer 24000 Battle Boots, Venetia Shield
Gauntlets 8000 Mythril Gloves, Dragon Wrist
Golden Skullcap 15000 Gold Helm, Golden Hairpin
Circlet 20000 Coronet, Rosetta Ring
Grand Helm 20000 Cross Helm, Power Belt
Rubber Suit 20000 Minerva's Plate, Egoist's Armlet
Brave Suit 26000 Mythril Vest, Mythril Rod
Light Robe 20000 Magician Robe, Glass Armlet
Grand Armor 45000 Mythril Sword, Mythril Armor
Desert Boots 300 Leather Hat, Leather Shirt
Yellow Scarf 400 Feather Hat, Steepled Hat
Glass Buckle 500 Glass Armlet, Leather Wrist
Germinas Boots 900 Desert Boots, Fork
Gold Choker 1300 Linen Cuirass, Soft
Running Shoes 12000 Battle Boots, Emerald
Rosetta Ring 24000 Madain's Ring, Holy Lance
Garnet 350 Ore, Remedy
Amethyst 200 Ore, Annoyntment
Peridot 100 Ore, Soft
Sapphire 200 Ore, Antidote
Opal 100 Ore, Potion
Topaz 100 Ore, Eye Drops
Lapis Lazuli 400 Ore, Dead Pepper

No. 163's Medicine Shop[]

Item Price
Potion 50
Hi-Potion 200
Phoenix Down 150
Echo Screen 50
Soft 100
Antidote 50
Eye Drops 50
Magic Tag (endgame) 100
Vaccine (endgame) 100
Remedy 300
Annoyntment 150
Tent 800

No.239's Equipment Shop (endgame)[]

Item Price
Wizard Rod 3990
Siren's Flute 7000
High Mage Staff 6000
Thief Hat 7100
Holy Miter 8300
Dark Gear 16300


Battle background in the Dead Forest.

Dead Forest
Surrounding Forest
Screen Encounter Rate
Enemies Frequency AP
Zemzelett 75% 2
Myconid 6.25% 1
Myconid x2 18.75% 2

Musical themes[]

The theme of the village is called "Black Mage Village" and is a remix of "Vivi's Theme" and may also be inspired by "Mystic Mysidia". "Unrequited Love" plays during Zidane's recital of his story during the night. It is a variation of "Zidane's Theme".

Also, in the endgame, if the player has Une's Mirror and Doga's Artifact, "Doga and Unei's Theme" will play upon examining the gramophone at the Inn.

Other appearances[]

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy[]

The Black Mage Village.

The Black Mage Village appears in the background during Field Music Sequences featuring Final Fantasy IX music.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

FFAB Black Mage Village FFIX Special.png
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Behind the scenes[]

When the party first enters the village, the frightened black mages run around saying, "The humans are here". Incidentally, none of the party members are human (Zidane = Genome, Garnet = Summoner, Vivi = Black Mage, Quina = Qu).


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