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The Black Mage is a generic Black Mage temporary party member in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.


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Porom orders the Black Mage and the White Mage to accompany Ceodore and the Hooded Man to Baron. When they reach the castle, the guards deny them entry and have to enter via the Ancient Waterway. After they sneak into Baron Castle, the mages leave Ceodore and the Hooded Man to fend for themselves and head back to Mysidia.

Later on, the Black Mage accompanies Porom and the White Mage to Mount Ordeals so they can request help from Kain. They find the tomb of Cecil and Golbez's father, Kluya. After having a brief conversation with his spirit, they exit the tomb and are attacked by numerous monsters. Kain rescues them and together they return to Mysidia, which they find under siege by monsters. They rescue the Elder and tend to his wounds. The Black Mage guards the Elder while the White Mage oversees his healing process.

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The Black Mage joins for a short time during Ceodore's Tale. He also joins during the third part of Porom's tale and he is usable during Porom's Challenge Dungeon.


During Ceodore's Tale, he is at level 10 and cannot level up. During Porom's Tale, he is at level 15 and his level cap is at 20.

Black Mage
Level HP MP Strength Speed Stamina Intellect Spirit
10 230 150 9 12 13 24 14
15 350 180 11 14 14 27 15
16 374 185 12 14 15 27 15
17 401 191 12 15 15 28 15
18 426 197 13 15 15 28 16
19 458 202 13 15 16 29 16
20* (32000 exp) 492 207 14 16 16 30 16


The Black Mage is able to cast Black Magic. He learns no new spells as he levels up and has no Band abilities.

Magic Level learned
Fire Known
Blizzard Known
Thunder Known
Sleep Known
Poison Known
Stop Known
Fira Known
Blizzara Known
Thundara Known


The Black Mage may equip bows and arrows and rods as weapons and hats, clothes, armlets and one Robe as armors. Due to being a guest his equipment is very limited.

He is equipped with a Rod, a Leather Cap and Leather Clothing the 2 times he joins the party.

Bows Arrows Rods
Head Body Arms