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Black Mages wield the elemental powers of fire, ice, and lightning to decimate foes.


Black Mage is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift usable by humes, nu mou, and moogles.


Nu mou, with their higher Magick stat, are the best for the job, though it also grants the highest Magick growth for humes and moogles. The moogle Black Mages are better than hume counterparts since they have better MP growth.

Since Black Mages specialize in Black Magick, which deals elemental damage, they are especially useful in exploiting an enemy's elemental weakness, which can be done easily with the aid of the Geomancy support skill. Black Mages have a high Magick stat, decent Resistance, and high MP, but they are frail and best kept from harm.

A good technique is to have a Black Mage equip robes that absorb elemental damage, then target both the enemy and themselves with the proper respective spells for a potent combination of damaging and self-healing. If the unit has the passive ability Geomancy equipped while having any elemental-absorbing gear no HP will be rewarded.

Black King Nware of Cinquleur is a Black Mage and a worthy adversary. Montblanc also joins the party with this job.


Black Magick[]

The elemental magicks of the BLACK MAGE strike with the power of fire and ice.

Skill Equipment Range AP MP
Fire Rod 4 100 8
Hurl a ball of magick fire, deal fire damage to the target.
Fira Firewheel Rod 4 250 14
An improved version of Fire. Deals even greater fire damage to its targets.
Firaga Flame Rod 4 350 18
The greatest Fire magick. Consumes its target in hellfire, dealing massive fire damage.
Thunder Rod 4 100 8
Call down a bolt of lightning, deal lightning damage to the target.
Thundara Thunder Rod 4 250 14
An improved version of Thunder. Deals even greater lightning damage to its targets.
Thundaga Thor Rod 4 350 18
The greatest Thunder magick. Blasts its target with countless bolts, dealing massive lightning damage.
Blizzard Rod 4 100 8
Pierce target with a shard of ice, deal ice damage to the target.
Blizzara Sleet Rod 4 250 14
An improved version of Blizzard. Deals even greater ice damage to its targets.
Blizzaga Chill Rod 4 350 18
The greatest Blizzard magick. Impales target, dealing massive ice damage.


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Magick Counter Samite Coat Cast magicks targeting the user back at the caster. Magicks cast in this way require MP. 400


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Geomancy Sage's Robe Lowers resistance to the user's elemental attacks.
(Absorb > Immune > Half > Normal > Weak)

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Black Mage appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Fire-elemental Forward cards.