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A potent arsenal of offensive magicks await the black mage's foes.


The Black Mage is an enemy moogle Sky Pirate job from Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. It is a Ranged unit, with very high Magick and Mind stats but low HP.

Stats Edit

Mission 8

Mission 9

Mission 10

Mission 17

Mission 50


Battle Edit

The Black Mage learns a variety of elemental spells, in addition to a couple of debuffing abilities. Different enemy Black Mages have different basic attacks, varying by elemental affinity.

Abilities Edit

Skill Effect
Fire Deal fire damage to one foe.
Firaga Deal Fire damage to all foes in range.
Blizzard Deal water to one foe.
Thunder Deal lightning damage to one foe.
Stone Deal earth damage to one foe.
Bio Inflicts Poison on all foes in range.
Blindga Inflict Blind on all foes in range.
Sleepga Puts all foes in range to sleep.
Silencega Prevent all foes in range from casting magicks.
Confusega Cause all foes in range to Confuse friend with foe.
Flare Deal heavy damage to one foe.
Whistlewind Reduces summoning time.
Intelligence Increases group's Magick

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