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Wizards whose powerful black magic strikes fear into enemies.


The Black Mage is a job in Final Fantasy V obtained after the Wind Crystal shatters. It is the first fully offensive spellcasting job in the game, casting offensive spells that embody elements, meaning they can target enemies' elemental weaknesses. Later Black Magic also gives them access to spells inflicting negative status effects, as well as some powerful non-elemental damaging spells.

Black Mages cast spells from the Black Magic skillset, which must be purchased at shops. The spells learned by the job remain valuable throughout the game, meaning the job stays relevant. Though Black Mages innately have access to all Black Magic, one must gain levels in the job to achieve higher tiers of the Black Magic skillset, so that other jobs can also use the abilities.

Mastering Black Mage for all four characters in the mobile and Steam versions earns the achievement "Master of Black Magic".


The party dons the iconic blue robes and pointy hat, which conceal their faces. Galuf keeps his beard, and Bartz resembles the Black Wizard from the original Final Fantasy. Krile most closely resembles the Black Mage design from the original Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy III. Bartz, Faris and Lenna wear a crescent moon symbol on their hats, while Krile has a star. The Black and White Mage attires indicate Faris is female before the party even finds out.



Stat Modifier
Strength -9
Agility 0
Stamina -2
Magic +31

The Black Mage has the second-highest Magic modifier, beaten by the Summoner.[note 1] It has small Strength and Stamina penalties, affecting its physical damage and HP respectively, and no Agility bonus, meaning its speed is average. Black Mage is a good job to master for spellcasters to gain the high Magic stat, but is not essential to do so.

Equipping the Black Magic ability on other jobs also grants the Magic modifier, depending on the level:

  • Black Magic Level 1 = Magic +16
  • Black Magic Level 2 = Magic +19
  • Black Magic Level 3 = Magic +22
  • Black Magic Level 4 = Magic +25
  • Black Magic Level 5 = Magic +28
  • Black Magic Level 6 = Magic +31

This will apply assuming the character does not already have a higher Magic modifier.

Upon mastery, Freelancers and Mimes gain the Black Mage's base Magic unless they already have a higher base from another mastered job.


Black Mages can equip knives, rods, magic hats, robes, and armlets. With rods, Black Mages are further capable of increasing the damage output of specific elements by 50%, potentially devastating enemies by targeting their elemental weakness.

Rod sprite.

Rods will randomly deal anywhere between 0% to 200% of its listed damage based on the attacker's Magic stat and the defender's Magic Defense stat and deal full damage from the back row. Many rods can be consumed to cast item magic. Wonder Wand will cast spells in a specified order, starting from Cure up to Osmose, and then loops back to Cure. It can be used when the Mute spell has been cast. The ultimate rod in most versions is Magus Rod sealed weapon, which is Fire/Ice/Lightning-elemental and raises power of all elemental magic except Water and Holy by 50%. Demon's Rod is a new even superior rod added in the Game Boy Advance version, found in the bonus dungeon Sealed Temple.

The ultimate magical headgear the Black Mage can wear in most versions is Circlet, bought from the Phantom Village. The superior Royal Crown is available from the Sealed Temple in the Game Boy Advance version. However, another good hat to wear is the Golden Hairpin, which halves MP use. The best robes in most versions are the White and Black Robes, bought from the Phantom Village, though the Game Boy Advance version added the superior Robe of Lords.


Ability Job level AP required Type Innate Description Spells
Black Magic (1) 1 10 Command Yes Perform Black Magic. Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder
Black Magic (2) 2 20 Command Yes Perform Black Magic. Poison, Sleep, and Toad
Black Magic (3) 3 30 Command Yes Perform Black Magic. Fira, Blizzara, and Thundara
Black Magic (4) 4 50 Command Yes Perform Black Magic. Drain, Break, and Bio
Black Magic (5) 5 70 Command Yes Perform Black Magic. Firaga, Blizzaga, and Thundaga
Black Magic (6) 6 100 Command Yes Perform Black Magic. Flare, Death, and Osmose
MP +30% 7 450 Support No Increase maximum MP by 30%. N/A

The Black Magic skillset grants spells with access to the three basic elements (Fire, Ice, and Lightning), the Poison element, and one powerful non-elemental spell in the form of Flare, obtained later in the game. It also provides access to status ailment-inducing spells, as well as spells that drain HP and MP.

The Black Mage job innately has access to all Black Magic spells that have been purchased at shops (or in some cases, such as with Flare, acquired through other means). To be able to use all Black Magic spells as a non-Black Mage, a character must level their Black Mage job up to level 6 and equip the Black Magic level 6 ability.


  1. In versions with the Oracle job, Oracle also has a higher Magic stat.