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Black Mages are experts of offensive magic, raining damage on their foes from afar.


Black Mage (黒魔道士, Kuro Madoushi?) is one of the jobs available in Final Fantasy Explorers.


The Black Mage is unlocked in the 1★ Tutorial Quest, "Ability Mutations Exam". It can be mastered by completing any 10 quests, then the 5★ quest "Mastery Trials: Black Mage".

The Black Mage is categorized as damager and has the highest magic stat. It is a good strategy to have the time magic Imperil to decrease objective's resistance to elements and then cast blizzard, fire or thunder spells to deal greater damage. They can equip rods and tomes; after mastery staves and firearms can be equipped.


Stats Base (Mastered) Ranking
HP 2860 (3460) F
AP 2400 (2850) A
Load 150 D
Strength 31 F
Accuracy 40 F
Magic 74 A
Spirit 25 C
Focus 61 B
Defense 18 D
Mag Def 80 A
Evasion 33 F
Mobility 108 C
Luck 28 F


Black Mages are proficient in all Black Magic.

The Black Mage has the unique ability Barrier. It nullifies all damage until barrier's durability drops. Gather Magic is Black Mage's passive ability. It reduces the amount of AP consumed by attack magic by 20% (needs confirmation).

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