FFAB Black Mage Male

Black mages are a INT type job. Their preferred weapon is the rod, kupo.


The Black Mage (黒魔道士, Kuromadōshi?) is a job in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade available from the start.


Black Mages wear their signature pointy hats, shrouding their faces amidst a pair of glowing eyes. Female Black Mages sport a crescent moon on their pointy hats and tie their hairs into a ponytail. They also wear long robes and striped pants. Males wear blue robes which are cut at the middle and held by a string, displaying the belt buckle holding up their green-striped yellow pants. Females wear magenta robes which are held by a ribbon on their chest, exposing little of their hot pink-striped yellow pants.




Ability Cards
Legend Cards
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