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Black Knight

Yoshitaka Amano's art for Black Knight from the original Final Fantasy.

These knights are cursed to think but a single thought for all time--none shall pass.

Final Fantasy All the Bravest description

Black Knight (ブラックナイト, Burakku Naito?) is a recurring enemy in the Final Fantasy series.


Black Knights are characterized by wearing black, full body armor with gold outlines, although in their debut appearance in the original Final Fantasy their appearance varied depending on the console.


Final FantasyEdit

Black Knights (BADMAN on the NES) appear as regular enemies in the Flying Fortress. They are highly resistant to magic and have no real weakness, so resorting to physical attacks is the best option. Upon defeat they award a large number of Experience Points and gil, and may drop a Deathbringer.

Final Fantasy IIEdit

Four Black Knights are encountered as an unwinnable boss fight at the very beginning. If the player wins through a cheat device, the NES version allows the player to progress as normal, but in the Dawn of Souls version, the player is sent back to the title screen. They later appear as regular enemies in Castle Palamecia.

A Black Knight also appears in the Dawn of Souls, 20th Anniversary, and all subsequent remakes. Minwu assists Scott in battle against the Black Knight upon his arrival in Raqia. It is not as much of a threat as it was in the original scenario.

Final Fantasy IVEdit

Black Knights (SwordMan in SNES and PS) are encountered in the Tower of Zot. They are undead enemies with high Attack and Defense which can be easily defeated with fire-elemental attacks. Dark Knights are resistant to dark-elemental attacks. They may occasionally drop a Tent or a Cottage when defeated.

In the 3D versions, Black Knights are fought much the same as the 2D versions. They are quite simple to defeat, even in packs of two or four, because of their fire-elemntal weakness.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-Edit

Black Knights return and now are inhabiting the Tower of Babil. They can be easily dispatched with fire- and holy-elemental attacks. Dark Knights are resistant to dark-elemental attacks. They always drop a tent and may occasionally leave a Cottage behind.

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit

Black Knights can be encountered in Ceodore's Tale in Devil's Road, in Yang, Rydia, and Palom's challenge dungeons, and in the Lunarians Tale inside the challenge dungeon and Lunar Overworld. They can be easily killed with fire- and holy-elemental attacks. They always drop a tent and may occasionally leave a Cottage behind.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Black Knights are mechanical enemies that appear in the Vault alongside White Knights. They have a horse-like appearance, referencing the knight piece in chess.

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

Final Fantasy IV incarnation of the Black Knight appears.

Final Fantasy All the BravestEdit

Final Fantasy IV incarnation of the Black Knight appears.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

Final Fantasy IV incarnation of the Black Knight may appear in several Final Fantasy IV realms: Tower of Zot - Spire, Dwarven Castle, Tower of Babil - Depths, and Cave of Eblan. It is susceptible to fire- and holy-elemental attacks, but will take no damage from dark-elemental attacks.

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

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Dark knights, also known as black knights, were a minority group of knights who refused to serve lords or kings. Instead they either looted and raided, hunted bounties, or lived off the charity from the more humble folk, in much the same manner as a Japanese ronin. As they had no master, and thus no squire, they would paint their armor a signature black color to prevent rust and damage. Dark knights were considered by many a necessary evil, as they would protect villages and lesser people from invaders and bandits, but would also cause problems in the regions they dwelt in to sustain themselves. In some legends, black knights were reputed to be nigh-invincible in combat.

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