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*[[Green Chocobo (Revenant Wings)|Green Chocobo]]
*[[Green Chocobo (Revenant Wings)|Green Chocobo]]
*[[Trickster (Revenant Wings)|Trickster]]
*[[Trickster (Revenant Wings)|Trickster]]
[[Category:Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Enemies]]
[[Category: Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings enemies]]

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Consumed with a dark rage, this chocobo breathes flame on its foes.


The Black Chocobo is an enemy in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. It is a Rank I Ranged Non-elemental Yarhi. It appears exclusively in Midlight's Deep along with its other Chocobo brethren. The Black Chocobo's basic attack, Choco Flame, deals ranged Fire damage to one foe.


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