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The Black Chocobo is a dark-elemental Eidolon that appears in Final Fantasy Dimensions II. The signet is available for Maina and automatically comes equipped to her by default when she joins the party in Chapter 4-1.

The Black Chocobo's signet provides Maina with a decent boost in her speed stat, and provides other balanced amounts for her remaining stats. It teaches Maina Haste abilities, which can support the party in battle by increasing their speed stat, however it pales in comparison to group variants already available, such as Aemo's Marching Song. Due to its lower stats, its passive to allow Maina to negate the darkness status is somewhat redundant to use. The Black Chocobo signet is considerably weak and is easily replaceable by signets immediately available after Maina joins the party.


Similar to its other appearances in the series, the Black Chocobo is a purple variant of the recurring Chocobo creature. The artwork depicts the chocobo with an angry expression on its face. As the signet evolves, the Black Chocobo's hue of purple darkens and it becomes enveloped with sparks of lightning.


The Black Chocobo's summon attack is Choco Meteor, which deals five small dark-elemental attacks to a random enemy. The Black Chocobo requires 2 bars from the Summon Gauge to use.


Rank AP Required Max HP Max MP Max Attack Max Magic Max Speed Components Needed
1★ 30/30 165 10 14 14 27 -
2★ 50/50 202 13 17 17 33 Black Gem I
3★ 120/120 235 14 19 19 38 Black Gem II


Maina learns the following abilities from the Black Chocobo:

Ability-type Name Effect Cost
Haste I Ability One Ally: Boosts speed (3 turns) MP 12
Haste II Ability One Ally: Boosts speed (3 turns) MP 12
Haste III Ability One Ally: Boosts speed (3 turns) MP 12


Black Chocobo OR signets from the free-to-play versions.

In the original free-to-play versions of the game, the Black Chocobo could only be obtained by completing the "Found You Black Chocobo!" event quest-line in Final Fantasy Legends: Toki no Suishō. The signet would later become a limited-time purchase from the Babil Tower exchange shop, however it was eventually removed. It taught Fast Drive abilities and could be equipped by any party member.

In addition, there were other unique versions of the Black Chocobo signet that appeared exclusively in the free-to-play versions of the game known as Black Chocobo OR (黒チョコボOR, Kuro Chokobo OR?) A and B. The Black Chocobo OR summmons were dark-elemental signets that used the Black Chocobo sprites from the original Japanese cellphone versions of Final Fantasy Dimensions. The signets could only be obtained through participating in the "Escape de Chocobo" event in Final Fantasy Legends: Toki no Suishō. The Black Chocobo OR signets taught the Rapid Dark abilities.



The name "chocobo" derives from a Japanese brand of chocolate malt ball by Morinaga, ChocoBall (チョコボール, Chokobōru?). The mascot for this product is Kyoro-chan (キョロちゃん?), a bird who says "kweh".

食う / くう / kuu is a rough way to say "eat", whose volitional casual form is 食え / くえ / kue ("let's scoff 'em down!"), leading to Kweh!