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Powerful mageknight that serves the prince.

Biskmatar is a special job in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It is a powerful mageknight held by Llednar Twem who serves as personal bodyguard for Prince Mewt. Unlike other special jobs, such as Judgemaster and Hermetic, its growth rate is unique and not based on another basic job.


Though not playable by normal means, the Biskmatar has a unique growth rate. Despite low speed and only average HP, it possesses high Magic Resistance, and above-average Attack, Defense, and Magic Power, representing a middle ground between fighter and mage.

HP MP Atk Def Mag Pwr Mag Res Spd
6.6 C 4.2 B- 8.8 B+ 8.4 B 8.2 B- 9.6 A+ 1.0 D


Dark MagicEdit

Biskmatar command. Use negative powered magic.
Skill MP Power Range
Omega 10 As Weapon As Weapon
As powerful as ultima. Deals massive damage.
Abyss 12 48 3
Calls forth decay to damage and poison target.


Biskmatar command. Use ancient sword techs.
Skill Effect Power Range
Life Render Life-stealing attack. Damages and dooms target. As Weapon As Weapon
Heart Render Breaks heart with fear. Deals damage to MP. As Weapon As Weapon
Ripcircle Faster than light. Damages surrounding units. 45 Self
Furycircle Damages and knocks back surrounding units. 50 Self


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The Japanese name Bisukumāta may be a compound of "bisque" (referring to bisque porcelain dolls) and automata (the plural of "automaton") referring to an automated doll, which fits the description of Llednar. It may also be based on a serbo-croation root "kismet" meaning "destiny." Biskmatar would then mean 'he without a destiny'.

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