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The Bishop (ビショップ, Bishoppu?), also known as Elder, is a recurring job class is the Final Fantasy series.


Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

An elder of the Church who never rests in his mission to spread the teachings of the gods to the common people.

The War of the Lions description

Elder (Bishop on the PS1) is Simon's unique job class. As a story-related job used in cutscenes, it serves no purpose in battle as there is no abilities associated with the job. Curiously, the developers did take time to give it a job description.

Prerequisite Weapons Helmet Armor Equip Shields?
None None None None No
Move Rate Jump Rate Speed Physical Evasion Rate Base Attack Base Magic Base HP Base MP
3 3 6 10% Average Average Average Average

Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit

Bishop is exclusive to the bangaa race and is their only magic-based job. Bishops learn a variety of offensive and defensive magic, and can be seen as a variant of the Red Mage job. Bishops are the only job class that can cast the spell Holy. They also have access to Magic Counter and Half MP.

To unlock Bishops, a character will need to master two White Monk action abilities. Bishops use Prayer on the battlefield, and equip staves, robes, light armor and hats.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

Bishop is a bangaa job and is their only magick-focused job. The player will have to wait one turn to be able to cause some real damage as a Bishop, as their damage spells cost more than 10 MP.

Final Fantasy Tactics SEdit

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Crystal Defenders: Vanguard StormEdit

Bishops can increase the attack power of nearby units.

Online description
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Bravely Second: End LayerEdit

The Bishop is an asterisk obtained after defeating Nikolai Nikolanikov.

The Bishop is a spellcasting job, using Holy Magic to aid allies. Their innate ability Good Measure, makes casting a spell twice on the same target stronger. Bishops are good healers, but their magic is percentage-based, or removes only a single status effect at a time. They also have no offensive spells of their own, outside of healing the undead back to the grave.

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Bishop Bangaa TCG

Bishop appears with its Final Fantasy Tactics Advance artwork as an Earth-elemental card.



A bishop is an ordained or consecrated member of the Christian clergy who is generally entrusted with a position of authority and oversight.

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