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The Bisga Greenlands area.

Thick vegetation grows across the broad plain. Many travelers pass along its extensive network of roads.


The Bisga Greenlands are a location in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Moogle recruits can be found here during the late summer months.


The Bisga Greenlands[]


Bright open fields stretch to the horizon. As the sun falls, monsters creep out of the rising gloom.

Vieg Northroad[]


The Vieg Highroad is one of the region's busiest corridors. It is not uncommon to find stalls and tents offering sundry goods to passersby.



Tall trees blot out the light in the deep recesses of the forest. The air is heavy with moisture from hidden pools and lush greenery.

Caravan Trail[]


A trail cut into the side of a steep cliff. Travelers on chocoboback carefully pick their way along the incline.

Random encounter[]

"The Strength of the Wolf"

Many a wayfarer has become an unwilling meal to these pack animals.

Forbidden: Back Attack


Galerria Highroad[]

This road leads west to the caves of the Galerria Deep. Even here, the ground is cold and damp.

Graszton Highroad[]

This busy road leads south to Graszton. Even late at night, the steady stream of travelers does not abate.

Baptiste Highroad[]

This road leads north to Baptiste Hill. The greater part of travelers here can be seen astride chocobos.


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  • The Bisga Greenlands are one of the two stages from Crystal Defenders W1 and the easiest in the game.