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Deals lethal damage to flying enemies.

Final Fantasy IX description

Bird Killer (バードキラー, Bādo Kirā?) is a recurring support ability in the series, which allows the user to deal extra damage to Flying enemies.


Final Fantasy IXEdit

Bird Killer is a support ability learned by Zidane (20 AP), Steiner (25 AP), Freya (30 AP), and Amarant (10 AP). It is learned from the Bronze Armor, Chain Mail, Adaman Vest, and Yellow Scarf, and requires 3 Magic Stones to equip. It allows for the user's physical attacks to deal 1.5x damage to aerial enemies.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

Bird Killer is a Killer job trait, which occasionally causes members of the Bird family attacking the player to freeze in terror, similar to Paralysis. It is obtained by Beastmasters at level 20.

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

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