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Birds are a large avian common throughout the Quon continent and are commonly seen in grassy areas, where trees provide them nesting areas while brush serves as a home to smaller creatures that they can prey upon.

Bird eggs are a fairly useful cooking ingredient and their feathers can be used by crafters to create a few useful items. On occasion, bird feathers serve a decorative purpose, adorning various clothing items and providing a bit of flair to them.

Vulture is one of the stars constellations in Vana'diel. A set of stars in the central sky shaped like the "V" of a vulture's flapping wings. One tale speaks of how the Vulture appeared when Ifrit's soul was rising into the sky through use of the sordid magic, which brought his companion to meet him.

Special Attacks[]

  • Blindside Barrage: Single target damage, Strength Down, and Vitality Down.
  • Broadside Barrage: Single target damage, Intelligence Down, and Mind Down.
  • Damnation Dive: Cone Attack damage and Stun.
  • Helldive: Single target damage and Knockback.
  • Wing Cutter: Cone Attack Wind damage.