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A Bird is a fiend type in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. These flying beasts are difficult to hit and only characters with high Accuracy can get them with consistency.


Final Fantasy X[]

Early on the player will most likely resolve to Wakka's physical attacks or Lulu's Black Magic to defeat birds. Tidus will likely be the next person if his Accuracy is high enough to hit them. The player can also use Kimahri's Lancet or anyone's Overdrive that have a perfect hit ratio. Capturing five of each of the Bird-type fiends allows the player to fight Pteryx at the Monster Arena Species Conquest.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Birds are easier to dispose. Gunners, Black Mages, Dark Knights, and Gun Mages can all defeat birds with little or no trouble: Gunners' Gunplay abilities never miss and neither do spells or Darkness. Gun Mages have high Accuracy like Gunners do, and they also have an ability perfectly suited for these types of fiends, Anti-Aircraft, which inflicts quadruple damage on birds and wasps. It takes twelve kills to Oversoul a bird.


Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy X-2

Sphere Break[]

Bird Coin
Silver Bird Coin
Gold Bird Coin
Coin No. 6 Coin Value 5
Trait -
Location Win from the Practice Core Sphere or the Easy Core Sphere players in the Luca Stadium.
Given x5 when entering the Sphere Break Tournament.